June 3, 2023

Ambassadors bring recruits to campus post-COVID

Senior Preview Day is an event that the Ambassadors put on at the campus where students, usually high school seniors, come and learn more about Utah State and what the school offers. 

This year the events and recruiting as a whole is a little bit different because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily the Ambassadors have found ways to work around that and make sure the event follows COVID-19 guidelines. 

Before the event students register online and the Ambassadors put in a lot of work in order to make it the best it can be so the students can really consider attending a Utah State University Campus. 

The event is about five hours long and consists of a campus tour, guest speakers, motivational moments and a lot of games. The goal is to make students fall in love with the campus. Our most recent event was space themed so there was a Star Wars themed video and a space themed dance that the Ambassadors created, the students seemed to love it. 

The next item on the agenda was a campus tour, this is to help the students fall in love with the beautiful campus at Utah State Eastern. A tour can really make or break a student’s decision on where they go to school. The Ambassadors need to do a really good job of selling the campus. 

After the tour the students eat a free lunch in the cafeteria, this is a good way to show the students what the meals would be like if they lived on campus and get a meal plan. This is also a good time where students can get to know the Ambassadors a little more and ask any questions they may have. 

After lunch the Ambassadors put on a huge space themed relay race for the students. The students were split into four teams and they had to make astronaut hats, then they had to throw darts at balloons, then they had to explode watermelons with rubber bands, then hit a tower of cups down with nerf guns and finally break a pinata. The winning team got some Utah State Eastern swag. 

After the relay race there was a student panel. A student panel is where current USUE students come and share their stories and the high school students ask them any questions they may have about campus life or just school in general. This is a good time for prospective students to ask any more of the questions they have about living on campus, making friends, knowing where classes are and what it’s like being away from home. 

To finish off the day there was a motivational exercise where the students wrote their dreams on a rocket and shot the rocket up into the sky. This was to show that you can reach great heights no matter what your dreams and goals are. 

Overall the event turned out to be a great success and from the student surveys afterwards the students seemed to love it. The Ambassadors put a lot of hard work and dedication into recruiting future students to Utah State, so successful events like this one are always great. 

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