June 21, 2024

Dugmore returns to Eastern as an ambassador, junior and member of the Army Reserve

Bryce Dugmore

Five years after graduating from Emery High School, Utah State University Eastern’s Bryce Dugmore served a mission, earned his associate of science degree, married, entered the military and came back to finish his bachelor’s degree. He was also an Eastern ambassador while he earned his AS degree and returned as a junior in college to the ambassador program.

He was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and grew up in Ferron, Utah, with his two younger brothers. He said he and his brothers were all adopted. 

Dugmore graduated in 2016 from Emery High School went on an LDS Mission to Mississippi for two years. 

He said he loved all the experiences he gained from his mission and learned a lot that he can take into his everyday life. 

After his mission he began attending USUE in 2018. He was originally going to attend Southern Utah University, but after receiving an Ambassador scholarship and learning about all the sports opportunities and other activities and classes, he decided to enroll at  USUE. Dugmore also liked the idea that he could stay close to home. 

After receiving his AS degre from Eastern, Dugmore enlisted in the military in October 2019 and left for training in May 2020 He is in the Army Reserves and says he loves it. 

Dugmore started attending USUE again in January 2021 and is a junior working on his bachelor’s degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing. He admits the COVID-19 Pandemic has definitely impacted the way USUE operates, but believes that all the faculty and staff are still doing an amazing job at making sure students are getting the chance to participate in the college experience. 

In this time, Dugmore married his wife Alexis and they have been married a little over two years. They love working out together and the outdoors. 

Alexis is also attending USUE and is working towards her bachelor’s degree. Dugmore gives all his credit to his wife and his family and is forever grateful for the motivation and success they have helped him with.