March 1, 2024

Connections program being introduced at USU Eastern

Utah State University Eastern is preparing to bring Utah State University’s Connection program to the Price campus. USU 1010, University Connections course, has been offered on  the Logan campus for decades and will now be offered on Eastern’s campus. 

Connections is a two credit-hour course designed to help incoming students prepare for their academic future at USU. The class will provide these students with an immediate connection to a member of USU faculty. That relationship can help new students feel connected and secure in their new environment. 

The class will also create an environment for collaboration between first year students. Having peers in a similar situation will give students the chance to grow and face these new challenges together. 

 In the course, students will be made aware of the resources available to them as members of the USU community. Connections will give students the information about the tools they need to succeed, both on-campus and online. 

Facilitating a safe environment to help ease the transition from high school students to college graduates has proven to be effective on the main campus in Logan. Studies have shown that courses based in student success and first year experience lead to better school practices and a higher learning retention. Both of which are important for student success. 

This program will begin on the Eastern campus in the fall of 2021. Instructors are being chosen based on criteria specific to the Connections program and will be picked at a later date. 

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining the connections program, reach out to your academic adviser in the One Stop Student Services building or online at