June 17, 2024

DNR training on campus

For the first time, the Division of Natural Resources State Parks and Recreation law enforcement officers were on Utah State University Eastern’s campus for its annual training last week. The 27-DNR officers from throughout the state used the Price campus for in-service POST training.

They are required to complete 40 hours each year and the three days  (Sunday night, Monday all day and Tuesday) of training, they earned half their required hours. 

“The was set up through the connection of the CJ department here and its relationship with law enforcement agencies. In this case, Lt. Brody Young contacted me and inquired about help setting up a venue that would be able to help the officers so all their training in one location,” said Professor Scott Henrie.  

The officers used CIB classrooms, BDAC racquetball court for defensive tactics training and the CIB quad to do physical training like pepper spray and how to properly use P.I.T. techniques such as road spikes.