June 13, 2024

Anti-abortion and the lives it ruins

Xris Phelps

Texas passed a law on May 19, which makes illegal abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy. Not only is this incredibly ignorant of Texas lawmakers, it is horrifying for us with a uterus.

It is rare for someone to even sense that they are pregnant six weeks in, especially if the pregnancy was not planned in any way. First, it takes a missed period to consider a pregnancy test. Anyone who knows anything about periods knows that most peoples’s cycles are not consistent and, depending on where you are in your cycle when the impregnation happens, it could be weeks before a change is noticed. It essentially removes the option of abortion to most who need it.

Many arguments that have been going around say the new law saves lives, which is simply not true because children will be born into unstable and unsafe environments. People generally receive an abortion for reasons such as the lack of resources, an abusive domestic situation, the inability to safely birth a child, or because they are mentally unable to care for another human being.

This law will not only ruin the life of the person having the child but makes it nearly impossible for that child to grow up and live a fulfilling life. These children will end up hungry, homeless — maybe even dead — because they will be forced to live under horrible conditions.

The new law removes exceptions for rape and incest. This is simply disgusting. Not only has the person be raped or groomed, but now has to suffer through pregnancy, which is not a comfortable thing. Anyone with morals can see how damaging that can be. A percentage of these people are girls aged 11-15, children who were taken advantage off and will be forced to grow up and raise their own babies. How can someone look at examples like these and see it as a pro-life movement?

Abortion is not murder. It is a medical procedure that removes a group of cells from a uterus that inhibits the ability for those cells to develop into a human being. Anyone against it is not pro-life, they are pro-birth.

They do not care about the children after they have been born, they only care that they were not aborted in the first place. To help children, donate to stop hunger, get them a better education, and stop discrimination.

Simply forcing a child into the world will not save anyone’s life. Abortion saves lives.