April 13, 2024

Legend of USUE Golden Eagle

Students who wander on the USUE campus between 2:13 and 3:33 a.m. risk an encounter with the Eagle Man. Consider yourself warned. A wee-hour meetup comes with a Price (pun intended).

Legend has it that an unidentified 1950s student of what was then the College of Eastern Utah noticed that other students were disappearing. When the student asked around, he was told that the missing people had been “transferred.”

A shriveled old lady — long forgotten — set him straight with the story of the Eagle Man. She said the Eagle Man has the body of a man, the head, wings and talons of a Golden Eagle, and the malice of a demon. 

Legend says that Eagle Man lurks on the roofs of the JLSC, the Geary, and the Cosmetology buildings, searching for anyone who dares wanders between 2:13 and 3:33 in the morning. The creature swoops onto anyone who strolls in the fountain field, and with massive talons, carries the unsuspecting victim away to an abandoned coal mine. None taken have ever been seen again.

The Golden Eagle has been the mascot since Carbon County High was founded on these acres in 1916. Legend has it that someone anathematized something onto the mascot and it left something, proportionally bad to a curse attached to the grounds devoted so long to education.

The first sighting of the Eagle Man was when the young student first asked about the disappearance of his colleagues, legend says. Eagle Man may even have been dormant for the past 70-odd years, but look closely at the roofs of the JLSC, the Geary, or the Cosmetology buildings before 2:13 A.M. to see two gleaming eyes watching, always watching, the fountain field like two faint stars. Hurry to your dormitory or car, or you may be his next victim. The newest addition to his lost collection of souls.