October 4, 2023

Another logo change at Utah State University Eastern


In 1937, Utah State Eastern began as Carbon College, then shortly after in 1964, the name was changed to the College Of Eastern Utah. In 2010, Utah State University bought out the College of Eastern Utah (CEU) changing its name to Utah State University Eastern. Many believe that if Utah State wouldn’t have bought out the college it would have been completely shut down, leaving the residents of Price without a college near them. This transition has changed a lot for this campus. Students now have the ability to get a Utah State Degree at half the cost. It also allows students to have a closer relationship with their community, professors and classmates. 

Recently Utah State University has decided that the Eastern logo with the shield and the eagle in the middle will only be used for athletic purposes. This has caused some sadness and even anger for many people in the community as well as students and faculty at Utah State Eastern. Ambassadors at Utah State University Eastern have differing opinions on both the logo change and the change from CEU to Utah State Eastern. 

Utah State University’s decision to allow the Eastern logo with the shield and eagle in the middle only for athletic purposes has caused some sadness and even anger for a lot of people in the community, as well as students and faculty at Utah State Eastern. 

However, we surveyed fifteen ambassadors at Utah State Eastern, including ourselves, and only one is unsupportive of the change.

Devon Hooper from West Jordan says the Price campus should be able to use the eagle logo for everything. “Since we are known as the Eastern campus, why not let us have our own mascot and logo?” But even Hooper, a 2021 graduate of Summit Academy High School, says the benefits of Utah State’s purchase of the College of Eastern Utah in 2010 was a good thing and outweighs the negatives.

Some of the other ambassadors are in agreement with Hooper regarding the benefits of Utah State buying out CEU, but not necessarily the logo change. Bryce Dugmore is from Emery and graduated from Emery High School in 2016. He believes the logo change is great. Dugmore also believes that the benefits of Utah State buying out the Price campus definitely outweigh the negatives because without the merger, there would no longer be a college in Price. Jessica Kendrick is from Hyrum and graduated from Mountain Crest High School in 2021. She believes the logo change is a good idea because it can help us feel more included. She also agrees that Utah State buying CEU out in 2010 was a good thing and that it has created many oppurtunities. Jasna Hooke, a Lehi High 2021 Graduate, agrees with the logo change because she believes that it will unite all the statewide campuses. She is also in agreement that it is a good thing that Utah State added the Eastern campus to its statewide campuses. 

Many Utah State University Eastern Ambassadors are in favor of this logo change and have expressed their agreement and appreciation towards those who are helping move this project forward. From a recruitment standpoint, the logo change can be very helpful, which is why the majority of the ambassadors are supportive. 

USUE’s ambassadors appreciate those who are helping move the project forward, especially from a recruitment standpoint. Tecia Mose, a 2016 graduate of Copper Hills High, says the Eastern logo may have turned away prospective students because the name is less familiar than Utah State. By adopting the Utah State logo, students will understand that we are all part of the same school system. Mose is excited for all of the new programs this change will bring. 

Students who graduate from Price, Logan, or any statewide campus will receive a diploma that says Utah State University, says Loahnna Funk. She believes that this change will help Utah State move in a beneficial direction.

Although some locals of Carbon County have been known to be against the logo change and many changes at Utah State Eastern, Ty Johnson, a Carbon County local, is completely for the logo change. He believes that the merger has only brought benefits to this school as well as the community. Johnson says that the logo change will bring more opportunities and unity among students. Therefore, not all locals are completely against the logo change and the fact that the school is frequently changing. 

Overall, those in support of the logo change are looking forward to new recruitment, academic, and involvement opportunities here at Utah State University Eastern. 

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