June 13, 2024

Creepy hands from the ceiling

Back in April 2016, a video surfaced showing shadow-like arms protruding through a bedroom ceiling, walls, and floors, with an eye appearing at the end of the video. While nothing ever surfaced off the video, other than the fact that it was genuinely terrifying, this account should bring light on what these arms are and who they belong to.

It is his first night alone in his new apartment. His dog, a blue heeler, is already snuggled on the mattress. The man has yet to get a frame for the bed. He is in his mid-twenties, long dirt brown hair, with olive-toned skin. He has just finishedcollege, he is  finally on his own. It is the biggest step in his life moving into the apartment, even if past residents complained about large gatherings on the thirteenth floor, the floor above his own.

He is used to the loudness of people in rooms above his, but he is not expecting deafening silence and the low hum of voices coming from the room directly overhead. He thinks nothing of it, though his blue heeler doesnot take kindly to the voices, which are slowly growing in volume and intensity. 

The man checks his phone; the time reads 1:47 a.m. He turns to the hallway leading to his room, when he notices something protruding from the wall closest to the side table he has just set. Squinting, he notices the object is distinct charcoal black.

He listens closely to see if it has sound or if it moves. But all that welcomes him is dead silence. No ceremonious whispers from the upstairs room, no growling from his dog, nothing. Just his breathing and whatever is on his wall. Brushing it off, he walks into his room when t-chink. The lightbulb bursts, raining glass shards and dust down onto the mattress. The dog nowhere to be seen.

He calls for the dog, but even his voice is muted. He flicksthe light on his phone, is greeted by a charcoal black arm slipping through the ceiling. He panics. First, his dog is missing, andnow arms manifest out of nowhere on his ceiling. He looks around, and more rain from the roof, yet the arms  stay attached to the roof. He flips around and sees the most hideous bloodshot eye he has ever seen; the size of a large watermelon, but too awful to look at. 

Teeth begin to sprout from where the edges of the mattress sit, yellow-green, cracked, and disgusting. The arms slowly droop down, revealing an amalgamation of torsos, legs, arms, mouths, and eyes. A long neck-like appendage is revealed as the main eye moves in closer, the teeth clamp around him. The last thing the man hears is his dog bark and a voice saying, “Ærvestorë omnia consumit. Pasce eum. Omnem metum mortale. Sacrificium tuum domino nostro seruit.”