June 20, 2024

Human Clones pt 1

Human cloning may be a bigger deal than you realize. There are plenty of experimental scientists and doctors who are looking into it.

There are three different kinds of cloning that are being used on animals: gene cloning, reproductive cloning, and therapeutic cloning.

Gene cloning uses segments of DNA, whereas reproductive cloning uses exact copies of organisms. Therapeutic cloning uses embryonic stem cells for experiments to create new tissues to replace old, dead or dying tissues in the body.
While testing has so far been exclusively on animals, many scientists say the time has come to use human subjects. Is reproductive cloning ethical and necessary? That’s the biggest debate. I believe this could be a large step in the furthering of our medical abilities.
A common misconception is that a clone would be identical to the human. The rich might have bunches of clones that look the same. Some believe they might have some sort of telepathic connection. But they would be like any other child on the street. They’d have their own personality, their own style, their own look. 

This might be an amazing step for couples who are infertile. It would let them reproduce with their own genes instead of using a surrogate. No IVF, just a child that is their genetically own.

Another benefit might be to remove genetic diseases that would cause serious issues, or early death in their children. While some will argue that parents will pick and choose what their child would look like, I believe the benefits far exceed the pitfalls of people designing their child.
It’s against some religious beliefs, but they do not have to adopt the practice. Let others make  huge advancements in medical sciences. Not only for
future generations, but for today’s chronic and terminal.