June 20, 2024

Human Clones pt 2

 Human cloning, while it sounds so incredible, is a horrible option in the long run.

 Our earth suffers with climate change and pandemics. There is little to no hope left for change. Eventually, we will run out of resources on an overpopulated earth. Why should we open a door to allow more experiments that add more people to this planet?

Human cloning could very well help with medical issues, that is inarguable. But, who would have access to these services? The wealthy, which will in turn mean less funding for medicines and cures to those who can’t afford to clone disease out of unborn babies. It would simply be another way for the poor to suffer and the rich to only get richer.

Turning infertile couples into happy parents is an especially dull take. In Utah alone, there are approximately 2,700 children in foster care, 2,700 who need loving homes with parents who want to raise kids. Genetics is not the only option. Blood doesn’t make a family, love does. And there are thousands of children out there who need it.

 Cloning seems like the next frontier, it seems like such a fantastic win for science. But it would be incredibly selfish to work on something like this when we can concentrate on some easy fixes for the problems we face. 

 For now,  we should not focus on something that might  lead to a worse environment for us to live in. Scientifically, this is quite genius. Ethically, it is wrong.