March 22, 2023

Jazz gives back

The Utah Jazz launched a scholarship

program last year that

gives students of color a fullride

scholarship to any of the

six major universities in the state of Utah:

Brigham Young, Southern Utah, Utah,

Utah State, Utah Valley and Weber State.

The number of scholarships awarded

is based solely on the number of games

the Jazz win during the regular season.

Last season, they racked up 61 wins

— and 61 full-ride scholarships for the


“We believe strongly in the power

of education to change lives,” says Jazz

owner Ryan Smith, who said last month

that the program will return this season.

“The Utah Jazz Scholars Program reflects

our desire to help students from

underrepresented groups who have

historically received fewer resources

and less support.”

What do you have to do to apply?

Well, there are a few requirements

to fulfill. Scholarship recipients will be

eligible based on the following criteria:

•Graduate a Utah high school.

•Be a person of color (Asian or Pacific

Islander; Black or African American;

Hispanic or Latinx; or Native American

or Alaskan Native).

•Demonstrate financial need.

•Gain admittance into one of the six

Utah universities.

•Be an incoming freshman enrolling

as a full-time student for the 2022-2023

school year.

The Jazz also give preference to

first-generation college students. The

scholarship covers tuition, books, fees,

and room and board.

“This school year has been a dream

for me,” says Joel James, who won the

scholarship last season. “I’m so grateful

for this opportunity and, of course, the

Utah Jazz organization and the players

for a winning season.”

“I think it’s awesome,” says Jazz point

guard Mike Conley. “I think it was something

that, as players, you play a game, but

ultimately, the most important thing you

can do is service in your communities

and help people out that otherwise might

not be able to help themselves in certain




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