April 15, 2024

Utah State University Eastern; a hidden gem amongst colleges

There are almost 4,000 colleges and universities

in the United States, a number large

enough for Utah State Eastern to hide among.

It’s one of Utah’s best-kept secrets and students

say they feel fortunate to have found it.

“Price became my home so quickly because

of the people and the impact they have made on

my life,” says Jack Tillman, EUSA operations

manager and a Denver native. He says he fell

in love with the community from the get-go.

Devon Hooper, a freshman ambassador,

chose USUE over another Utah college

because of the atmosphere and the scholarship

opportunities. Bralin Wilde, an Emery

County resident, grew up hearing so many

stories about how wonderful the college is

that it became her dream to attend. She has

excelled and says she has loved every minute

of hard work and fun.

Aside from the beautiful campus, the

exceptional academics, and the irreplaceable

friendships, Price and Carbon County have

much to offer college students. Five minutes

away is Sherald’s Frosty Freeze for a milkshake,

or Club Mecca for calzones.

Those searching for adventure will find

breath-taking views at San Rafael Swell, also

known as the Little Grand Canyon, 45 minutes

south. It’s a place to camp, hike, have a bonfire,

or just head out for a picnic.

Fifteen minutes north of Price is historical

Helper where students take in unlimited bowling

night or coffee at Happiness Within and

a place to do homework. For a scare, there’s

haunted Spring Canyon. Once a coal-mining

town, it’s now filled with ghost towns surrounded

by mountains. Somewhere roams a

ghost named the White Lady. Get a photograph

of her and it will be the first.

The possibilities are endless in Carbon