April 17, 2024

Where the dragons went

Thousands of years before the Egyptian civilization took its budding into the history of the world, when Africa was a thriving, lush green continent, there lived tribes of dragons. Not just fire breathing ones, many others. 

The most prominent tribes were the Fire Flingers, Poison Breaths, Water Spitters, and the Earth Breakers. These tribes governed over all of the dragons, which numbered over 4,000, in peace and prosperity. 

The Earth and Water tribes took care of farming and cattle growth, the Poison took care of medicinal needs, and the Fire tribe was the defenders of the tribes. Two lesser tribes under the reign of the Poison tribe called the Lighteners and the Shadow Seekers controlled the day and night, the elders of these two were known as Sun and Moon, each respectively representing the sun and moon. The Dragons lived in peace with the humans of what is now Asia, Europe and South America, trading and providing the humans with their almost limitless knowledge. 

One day, a human tribe approaches the Poison Breaths and asks, “O mighty gods of healing and death, we humbly request a poison with the potency to kill even gods in order to rid our nation of our corrupt leader, who threatens to destroy the Dragon state.”

The third Elder of the Poison Breath by the name of Dis-Eas booms, “A meager human threatens the Dragon Race? Humans, this is the truth?”

The human tribe nods and voices their advocacy that a human wants the dragons gone. “Fine, take this. A concoction that is known to fall even our strongest of soldiers.” The humans humbly accept and leave, thus accepting Dis-Eas’s poison known as Disease. 

The same tribe approaches the Fire Flingers and tells the council of seven, “lords and lordesses, the Human tribes wish to declare war on the Dragon tribe for acts of death provided from the Poison Breaths. Your finest warriors are all we wish to fight, your lordships.”

 And thus the dragon war was commenced. 

The seven fire elders, Pry-De, Ra-Ath, Slow-Oth, Lu-Ste, En-Vey, Gree-Ed, and Glut-Oni were the first to fall, leaving the Fire Flingers fleeing to the center of the Earth and to caves on the surface. Then fell the Earth Breakers that flee to the forests and mountains, their Elder being Quake Falling First. 

The Water Spitters were third, running to the waves of the ocean, rushing waters of streams and rivers, the stillness of lakes and ponds, losing their elders Ra-Ain, Li-Ning, and Tsu-Nam. Last was the Poison Breaths, Sun and Moon fleeing to the cosmos at the request of their loyal tribesmen, leaving their tribe on the Earth to fend off the humans, watching Dis-Eas fall to human hands. The remaining ran for islands and deserts, where the humans could not reach. 

Thousands of years later the dragons still live, either evolved to fit their new lives, or they continue to hide from the ones that slayed their fellow tribesmen.