October 2, 2023

Workplace Environment Has Major Impact On College Students Mental Health

College students who have to
work and go to school can experience severe impacts to their mental health.

By Ryleigh Dunn

Mental health awareness has grown exponentially and with Covid-19 mandates lifting, more people are going back to work in person. College students who have to work and go to school can experience severe impacts to their mental health.

The workplace is one place that can have a big impact. A study done in Australia by Dr. Samuel B. Harvey and other mental health and business experts, found evidence that a good support system from colleagues and managers can improve the quality of relationships. When a good workplace has leaders that invest time, good teamwork skills and have uplifting, supportive co-workers it makes all the difference. 

One coffee shop chain is going the extra mile to have a positive and fun environment. Dutch Bros Coffee has exploded in the past couple years, opening over 30 new shops by the end of 2021 and operating over 500 shops total.

USUE students who travel toward Salt Lake City will find the nearest Dutch Bros in Provo. There are nine other locations farther north into Salt Lake. The company does more than just serve a hot cup of joe, they also invest in their employees. But how exactly does DB make a difference from other coffee shops?

“The incredibly uplifting and motivating culture of DB has done wonders for my mental health,” says Jay Hamada, 28, assistant manager. “The leaders I’ve worked closely with have personally invested so much time in my health and success both inside and outside the job.” Hamada says the managers before him have covered shifts to take care of his mental health. “They have even done more extreme things like fill my gas tank so I could spend time with family.” Recognition and validation in the workplace is significant to creating a healthy work environment.

“It’s hard giving your all and taking feedback but never given any validation,” said Samantha Crosslin, 22, college student and DB employee. 

 “I’m uplited and supported and I have the space to be creative,” Crosslin said. “I think it’s unrealistic to leave work at work and act like it won’t affect you.”

A major difference in DB’s leadership is how much care they put into each individual working for them. “This company has shown me parts of myself that they view as valuable traits,” Crosslin said.  “I’m lucky enough to experience this myself and now help others as I move into a leadership position.”

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