December 9, 2023

Twosday is the coolest date in decades

By Emma Shippen

Unusual history was made last month when all the numbers on the calendar were the number
two on a Tuesday.
2/22/22. Officially known as Twosday.
That date is a palindrome, it can be written the same forward and backward. The date is so rare
the National Weather Service said a Twosday won’t happen again until the year 2422, 400 years
from now.
Logan stores were celebrating the iconic day. Café Sabor had “Best Taco Twosday Ever.” The
deal included choosing any six street tacos, two sides of rice and beans, chips, salsa, two soft
drinks, and two free churros, all for $20, dine-in, or to-go.
“It’s the most exceptional date in over a decade,” Aziz Inan told CNN. Inan is a professor and
palindrome dates researcher. He said the last previous palindrome date was on Nov. 11, 2011,
Numerologist Ann Perry said the number two in a repeated format of over three digits is a
representation of an angel number.
Sidnee Naerebout, a USU track and field athlete and horoscope enthusiast said, “The stars are
aligned and (on Twosday) you should manifest what you want. It’s a new start that will bring
and new energy.”