February 24, 2024

Southpark Season 26 Overview and Review

South Park has been renewed for another four seasons, and several movies.

South Park Season 26 premiered in February and ran till Mar. 29. The season consists of six episodes, all around 22 minutes in length. 

As a viewer in  South Park’s younger audience, it felt like the show alternated between making episodes for older and younger audiences. All of them are funny in their own right, but the ones I felt targeted towards me resonated with and made me laugh more than the others.

Of the six episodes, the three I recommend the most (in order of release) are episode one, “Cupid Ye,” episode two, “The Worldwide Privacy Tour,” and episode five, “DickinBaus Hot Dogs.” 

Episode one: Cupid Ye

“Cupid Ye” is an episode in which Cartman’s “Cupid Me” begins acting like Kayne West. The episode as a whole makes fun of Tik Tok and Kayne in crazy ways.

The episode begins with Kyle and Tolkein essentially announcing that they’ve created a TikTok account. They’ve been spending more and more time together, which has made Stan sad and somewhat jealous. Cartman realizes this, and resolves to be a “Good Christian” by breaking up Kyle and Tolkein’s friendship. All so Stan can get his friend back.

Cartman enlists the help of his “Cupid Me,” and they both immediately start trying to create a racial divide between Kyle and Tolkein. Cupid Ye goes on to say a bunch of horrible and offensive things, making fun of how Kayne West has been acting on multiple talk shows and podcasts in real life.

Episode two: The Worldwide Privacy Tour

“The Worldwide Privacy Tour” was probably my personal favorite of the season. The episode is making fun of people trying to establish and build “brands”, while ripping on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Megan.

The episode begins with Kyle fighting with his younger brother Ike. Ike refuses to give Kyle a turn on the computer because he’s watching the Queen of Canada’s funeral for the thirtieth time since she died. Through the video Ike is watching, we learn that Canada really hates Prince Harry and his wife Megan.

Kyle shows up to school the next day depressed that he couldn’t play with his friends. They state that they don’t really care, but Kyle still feels like he let them down. Wanting to change, he runs into Butters, who tells him about how he’s been working on his “brand.”

In the other plot, we watch as Harry and Megan participate in an interview where they claim they only want “some privacy.” They are immediately called out for being attention… lovers…, and the crowd and host aren’t having any of their crap. From there, they decide to take a tour of the world. They proudly proclaim in as many cities and continents as they can that all they want is a little privacy. After their tour, they decide to settle down in South Park, right across the street from Kyle.

This episode ended up being my favorite because it has a pretty wholesome ending, and one of the funniest playground fights I’ve ever seen. If you watch no other episode from this season, watch this one.

Episode five: DickinBaus Hot Dogs

“DickinBaus Hot Dogs” is an instant South Park classic. In the episode, Cartman and Kenny restore and revamp an old Hot dog store at the end of town using Butter’s money. The episode makes fun of “Gen Z not wanting to work,” and is essentially one giant inappropriate joke.

The episode begins with Butters proudly announcing to his friends that he’s gotten his first paycheck. Cartman immediately gets jealous, and applies to work at the ice cream shop Butters is currently at. To no one’s surprise, Cartman immediately starts slacking off and making every excuse he can not to work.

Before even making it through his first four hours, Cartman quits and decides to run a store of his own. He runs over to Kenny’s house, and tells him about his genius plan to get rich by remodeling the abandoned hot dog store he’s been living in. They sucker Butters into investing into their business, and immediately start spending his money on stupid things.

The episode is absolutely wild, and is sure to satisfy anyone’s inner middle schooler with the sheer amount of penis jokes.

As a whole, South Park had a hilarious season. Every single episode is self-contained, and makes fun of a different topic. Unlike the last few seasons, Season 26 didn’t try and follow a storyline or create a bunch of interconnected episodes.

South Park has been renewed for another four seasons, and several movies.