December 2, 2023

An age-old debate between fans


Are you #teamJacob or #teamEdward? Eagle writers tackle the debate

Brooklyn Mackay

There has always been a debate between who is the best partner for Bella Swan in Twilight, between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

Clearly, the right choice is Edward Cullen.

Many people think Edward Cullen is very intense. Edward is clearly the right choice for Bella but why? Edward devotes his entire vampire life to living for Bella. Edward in the movie said that his life didn’t make sense to him until he met Bella. This is an example of meeting your soulmate. He is very protective over her and his life purpose is devoted to a human even though he is a vampire. This shows his devotion and loyalty as a boyfriend and a husband.

Another reason why Jacob would not be a good choice for Bella is because she wouldn’t have been able to leave Forks Washington because of the Wolf Pack. Jacob belongs to a Wolf Pack whose territory and reservation is in Forks, Washington. In the movie Bella’s mom lives in Arizona. If she had chosen Jacob as her partner, she would have to give up traveling and going to her hometown and feeling the rays of sun that she loves. Because Edward is used to moving around, he can promise a lifetime of traveling wherever they would want to go explore. For example, when they got married for their honeymoon they got to pass through Rio and see different cultures and spend their time on Isle Esme, their very own private island gifted to them by Edward’s father Carlisle. This is just another example of how welcoming the Edwards family is of Bella and Edward’s relationship, even though she was human in the beginning.

Because Edward is a vampire he has a very special quality about him. He shines bright like a diamond in the sun. When his skin hits the sun it sparkles so bright. Bella and Edward also have lots of things in common including classic literature, and sharing the same music taste. In the movie Edward only wants what is best for Bella and he thinks that Jacob is the best decision for her instead of being with a vampire.

He disappeared trying to give Bella the best shot at a normal life with Jacob Black. After leaving Bella fell into a deep depression. Jacob tried to help Bella out of this depression but it only led Bella to be bored in the situation with Jacob and look for finding adrenaline rushes. She decided after they restored a motorcycle to try and ride it as fast as she could. She also went cliff jumping off a super high cliff. Edward is a very intelligent vampire. He is very educated because he has over 100 years of experience and knowledge to share with Bella.

The final reason why Jacob is not a good option for Bella is because once Bella had her daughter, he imprinted on her which in the Wolf Pack is very serious meaning you need to protect that person for the rest of your life because they are your soulmate. It would be creepy if he got with Bella and also had imprinted with her daughter. There should be no debate over why in the Edward is the better choice over Jacob Black. 

Alexis Winter

Twilight came out in November of 2008 and has become a cult classic with a good story but questionable acting. Twilight has memorable quotes and the even more memorable part is the battle between Edward and Jacob, werewolf vs. vampire. Though the bickering and fighting is over the mediocre main character, Bella, it is still admirable the amount of effort they give to protect her. But who protected her better and is overall the better love interest, is up to the reader/viewer to decide. Jacob is better than Edward.

My next point is that Jacob had saved the Cullens (Edwards family) more than once. A time where Jacob saves the Cullens is when Bella and the Cullens are being hunted by Victoria (a vengeful vampire) and her army of newborn vampires. Jacob is the one to get the werewolves and the vampires to team up to defeat them. Another time Jacob saves the Cullens is when he imprints with Renesmee, a controversial topic among the Twilight crowd. Renesme is Edward’s and Bella’s child who was killing Bella, and the Cullens and the werewolves made a deal decades before, that if a vampire killed a human or turned them into a vampire, the werewolves had a right to attack them. When Renesme ultimately kills Bella in childbirth, the pact rules are broken and it’s because of Jacob’s bond with Renesmee that the werewolves don’t kill the Cullens because they also had to turn Bella into a vampire to keep her alive. So tell me who the hero is in this series, it has to be Jacob.

My last point is how Jacob treats Bella and would be better for her than Edward. First of all, Jacob is there for Bella when Edward leaves her at the beginning of the second movie, and at the end of the first movie, Edward promises her that he will never leave her. Jacob gets Bella out of the depression Edward put her in. When Jacob stops talking to her it is because he’s going through his transformation and his pack won’t let him talk to her. He still sneaks out to see her and gives her a hint as to what he is though, and when she does figure out that he is a werewolf she is accepted. She even becomes friends with the wife of one of the other werewolves who are also just human, making Bella feel more natural in her mortal state than she was with the immortal Cullens. Becoming a vampire Bella then has to live with the fact that everyone she knows and loves who isn’t a vampire is going to die while she is forever stuck in the body of an eighteen-year-old. When she would have grown old with Jacob, who wants to live for eternity anyway?

In conclusion, Jacob is the best choice, not just for Bella but for any girl. He is obviously the most attractive in the movies, the abs say it all. Though he doesn’t like the Cullens he still protects them on multiple occasions, getting over his ego to protect Bella. He would also be better for Bella in the long run, able to grow old with another quote from Jacob, “It would be as easy as breathing with me”. There is an obvious choice here, but the reader does get to decide in the end.

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