April 20, 2024

Holiday movies to get into the Christmas spirit

Everyone has different opinions on which Christmas movie is their favorite time during the holiday season. In my opinion I love the cartoon Grinch that was released in 2018. In this Christmas movie it has the cutest animation with tons of bright colors which reminded me of Disney movies and their animations. Every Christmas Eve my family chooses to watch a Christmas movie and this is always my top pick. When watching the movie, they find one reindeer that is very plump and cute. Almost everyone has watched at least one of the Grinch movies and I love when the Grinch’s heart grows to be kinder. The movie is set in Whoville which I think is the cutest town. The town comes together for Christmas time and all love giving gifts to each other which in my opinion is as Christmas as it can get!

When asked about what her favorite Christmas movie was Lily Hyde replied with, “Definitely the Santa Clause movies. It is because ever since I was little my siblings and I have always watched them together and it’s one of my favorite memories with them.” I can relate to Lily because I remember watching the Santa Clause movies with my siblings because it gets you into the Christmas spirit. I love the twist bringing all of the different characters like the tooth fairy, sandman, mother nature, etc. all into a Christmas movie. The movie is also set in the north pole which is the cutest town of elves. Everything in the town is miniature in order to fit the elves.

I know many people’s opinions are ELF. I have an unpopular opinion that it is not one of my favorites. The movie begins with a baby crawling out of the crib into Santa’s bag of toys. Santa decides the baby is perfectly fine in the North Pole and is then given to Papa Elf to be raised. The weird thing to think about is raising his son to be an elf never letting him know he could actually live a completely normal life back where he was from. When Buddy the Elf decides to go find his real dad, he is completely amazed by all of the different wonders in the real world just by daily living. He also has different taste buds as normal people because in the north pole I would suspect it is mostly sugar. In the movie he eats a special spaghetti with syrup, pop tarts, sprinkles, etc. In my opinion that sounds absolutely like a cavity waiting to happen!

When asked about her favorite Christmas movie Gracie Hirshi responded with an old classic of Meet me in Saint Louis. I have never heard of this Christmas movie before but it will for sure be added to my watch list during the Christmas season. I didn’t know this until researching the movie but “have yourself a merry little Christmas” came from this movie.

Another fan favorite for Christmas is the Polar Express. I personally also love this movie purely because of the hot chocolate scene. I know anyone watching this scene wants to be on that train with all of the kids drinking that delicious looking hot chocolate. I also love how this Christmas movie is different from any other with the fact they are riding to the north pole on a train. The animation in this movie is both realistic and very cartoon at the same time which is so entertaining to watch.

When asked about his favorite Christmas movie Kyler Minchey responded with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. He loves it because of “how out of pocket it is, and how funny the quotes are.” This is a good Christmas movie to pick if you enjoy comedies and want to laugh a lot! I love all of the lights on the house, I aspire to go all out for Christmas when I have my first house.

Christmas is an amazing season with tons of amazing movies to pick from. There is so many good ones there is never just one favorite because they are so amazing to get you into the Christmas Spirit!