April 18, 2024

President Cantwell visits USU Eastern

Utah State University president Elizabeth Cantwell poses with Sophie Jensen, Kevin Hurst, and Casey Steckler outside the USU Eastern student center

On Nov. 16, President Cantwell, President over Utah State University, spent the day on USU Eastern’s campus. President Cantwell was going to all of the Utah State campuses to visit students, faculty, and staff to speak and have discussions about campus and school needs and to gain a better understanding of views from each campus. When she came to USU Eastern, she received a tour from the ambassadors, she did a discussion with the staff on campus, and then she led a student panel with about 20 current USU Eastern students, who were all involved with different groups on campus. These discussions and opinions from each campus helped her gain a better interpretation of Utah State as a whole and she took suggestions and gave her feedback and wisdom as well.

One of the most fantastic things about Utah State is how spread across Utah it really is. The cultures, community, and styles look different for each campus, but at the end of the day, we are all a part of something bigger, and that is Utah State. We are all one big family. Hearing the feedback from different students and teachers, there was so much passion. In the student panel, the students talked about how USU Eastern is truly a hidden gem, and that the atmosphere here is like no other. The students talked to the President about how everyone on other campuses should know more about their surrounding campuses, and know the value that they each hold. The President is excited for the future and what it holds.

President Cantwell states in an interview, “We should acknowledge that we are, yes, all one system, but we are not the same thing and we shouldn’t try to be,”

In the meetings at USU Eastern, in the staff and faculty, they discussed how they should promote USU Eastern more in the region, and all that the university does have to offer, meaning its unique programs and resources, and so much more. President Cantwell wanted students’ impressions and concerns of campus and USU. In the student panel, there was an open discussion about housing, tuition, and the reputation of Price. They talked about marketing strategies and the students talked about how much they truly loved their experiences at USUE and dove into the feeling that coming here gives you and what there is to offer here. It was a pleasure to have the President on campus and have USUE individuals meet and interact with her.

At the staff session, President Cantwell ended by saying, “Thank you for doing this, It serves me as a new president in helping me get my focus areas. In five years, my goal is I’d like to be able to say to students that if they are a student anywhere in the USU system, you are better served than you will be if you are a student at any other institution. I’d like to be able to say that in five years and you have my commitment to be able to say that.”