June 20, 2024

Top bonechilling horror movies

Horror movies are hands down the best movie genre there is. But they are also some of the worst movies I have seen. The horror movies that I find to be the best are the ones that have a lot of unpredictable jump scares and a good story line. That is a pretty universal standard for a good horror movie. But there are so many movies that do not meet any of those standards.

   The movies that do not meet these standards are one of two things. Either they are super boring and hard to follow, normally losing the viewers’ attention after the first 15 minutes. Then there is the worst kind of horror movie. A movie with absolutely no story, just gore, gore, and more gore. The best examples I can think of to fit the worst kind of horror movie are Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey and The Terrifier. Both of these movies are rated under three stars.

   Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey (2023) sounds awful based on the title alone. Most people go into this movie expecting it to be comically awful. But it is far from comically awful, I would say it is more concerningly awful. It is one of the goriest movies I have seen and the story line is so confusing if I am even being generous enough to say that there is one. The wholesome Winnie the Pooh characters are now live action, so they are no longer stuffed animal size, and they are trying to kill Christopher Robin and his girlfriend because he left them.

   The Terrifier (2016)was even more graphic. It takes place on Halloween with a silent clown named Art. I will say the actor played the clown phenomenally. He was creepy and disturbing, he nailed the role. But the concern of this movie falls on the person who came up with the ideas of torture. Art the Clown spends the movie chasing these two girls who had been drinking at a party, hunting them down, and murdering them. Is the storyline there? Yes, if you are into that kind of scary movie, which is fair. That is definitely a scary movie.

   Both of these movies raise my concern for the people behind the camera. It weirds me out when I see movies like these two where it is gory and just shows characters die in the most disturbing and graphic ways possible. The writers are demented enough to think of these things and it is not a common opinion that I hear that these writers are scary people. I am sure they are mostly nice people, but your average nice person does not think of how many different ways they can graphically kill someone.

   A horror movie can be scary and not show a single drop of blood. I realize that also is not a super common opinion. But if people are going to make a movie demented and gory, there should at least be a good storyline to back it up. Otherwise, the writers are just creepy.