June 20, 2024

Avengers: Endgame vs. Avengers: Infinity War

   Marvel Studios have released 32 movies since 2008. The highest rated movie from Marvel is Avenger: Endgame (2019) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018) is rated number two. Both movies are undeniably amazing, I have nothing bad to say about either film.

   In Infinity War we witnessed two deaths that were specifically devastating to me, Gamora and Vision. Yes the disintegration of the other characters was devastating, but not like the death of these two. Gamora gets sacrificed by her own father, Thanos. That whole scene is so heartbreaking and makes you feel something, which makes a good movie. We watch Gamora find out her dad is going to kill her, then we watch her try to kill herself, just to ultimately be killed by him anyway.

   Arguably, Vision’s death is even worse than Gamora’s. Vision is a loveable character, so watching him die was awful and heart wrenching regardless of circumstance. But the circumstance of his death made it even worse. He dies not only once, but twice. Wanda has to kill him, the love of her life, to prevent Thanos from getting the stone. Witnessing the pain she feels and watching the suffering of Vision is awful. Then Thanos revives and kills Vision, by taking the stone.

   Although I said the disintegration of multiple characters is not as bad as the deaths of others, there’s an exception. Spider-Man disintegrating hits just as hard. Probably because he is so young in this movie and we know that even though he is a superhero, he’s still just a kid. Watching the fear in his eyes as he disintegrates and clings to Tony Stark hurts.

   With all the emotions in this movie, I think I favor it over Endgame. But Endgame is a really good movie as well. For starters, it opens the movie in a grim way. We watch Hawkeye witness his family dissolve. But this movie isn’t good because of the feelings we feel due to the death of characters. The highlights are more lighthearted. Like watching Thor get his mojo back. Thor is seen to have let himself go, he’s depressed. He snaps out of it once he gets a pep talk from his mom, and everything goes up from there with him.

   Another highlight is we see Captain America use Thor’s hammer. Viewers knew, and Thor and Cap knew, that he was worthy. So to finally get to witness it, was an amazing scene. We also feel better for the disintegration scenes when we get to watch scenes like Stark reuniting with Parker and Hawkeye realizing his family is alive.

   Both of these movies were iconic. They were the two movies that brought my interest into Marvel, making me go back and watch almost every movie they’ve created. These films know how to make their viewers feel the emotions of the story, connect with these talented actors, and create something that has reached such a wide spectrum of people.