June 14, 2024

Volleyball win streak reaches 15

The Utah State University Eastern women’s volleyball team has been dominating the competition this season, with no signs of slowing down. They have had three games in the last two weeks, and the teams they played against were Colorado Northwestern Community College, Snow College, and College of Southern Nevada.

Their first game was against Colorado Northwestern Community College, where they played at the Bunnell-Dmitrich Athletic Center (BDAC) here in Price. The first set that the Lady Eagles played was not even close, where they won the first set 25-7. The second set was a little bit closer, as the Lady Eagles sailed by with the set ending in 25-15. Colorado Northwestern Community College rallied back for the third set, making it a lot closer than the previous two sets. The Lady Eagles won in the end, finishing the third and final set with a 25-20 score. It was a team effort in terms of scoring, led by Lauren Hamilton with 10 kills, Rachel West with three aces, Oliwia Suboczewska with three blocks, Jenna Thorkelson with 15 assists, and Paige Shumway with 10 digs.

Unlike the games against Colorado Northwestern Community College, the games played against Snow College were a lot closer. The Lady Eagles found themselves playing in the Horne Activity Center, located in Ephraim. Despite Snow College having home court advantage, the Lady

Eagles brought their “A-game” into each set they played. The first set ended with a USU Eastern win, where the final score of 25-15. The second set was even closer than the last, with our own Lady Eagles taking the second set, finishing the set 25-19. Snow College’s Lady Badgers were not going down without a fight though, as the final set would be the closest out of any of the other sets we have seen so far. The final score of this set was 25-22 in USU Eastern’s favor. The statistical leaders for kills were Ajah Rajvong and Lauren Hamilton, with eight kills each. Agata Makowska, Paige Shumway, Casidy Fried all had two aces during this game. Rachel West and Lauren Hamilton both had three blocks, Agata Makowska had 13 assists, and Paige Shumway finished the game with 13 digs. With this win, it is the first time in 11 years that Utah State University Eastern has beaten Snow College on their home court.

Their last game over this two-week period was against College of Southern Nevada, where they were playing at Nevada’s Coyote Center. Both teams started the game strong, with the Lady Eagles winning the first set 25-21. The next set was even more of a battle, with both teams giving all that they had. USU Eastern scraped by during this set, winning the set 26-24. The Lady Eagles were determined to end the game by the third set, which is exactly what they accomplished. The final set ended with a score of 25-12, extending USU Eastern’s winning

streak to 15. Lauren Hamilton led the game with 11 kills, Kelsy Stanger had six aces, Casidy Friend had four blocks, Camber Dodson had 16 assists, and Paige Shumway had 10 digs.

Utah State University Eastern’s Lady Eagles play three different teams over the next two weeks. On Oct. 6, Eastern will play College of Southern Idaho at 6:00 p.m. in Price. The next day, at 1:00 p.m., they play Salt Lake Community College at home. Finally, The Lady Eagles will face off against Colorado Northwestern Community College again, but this time in Rangely, Colorado at 6:00 p.m. on Oct. 11.