June 21, 2024

Updates announced to BDAC hours and memberships

In a recent memo addressed to the students, faculty, and staff of Utah State University Eastern, the Bunnell-Dmitritch Athletic Center (BDAC) management announced thrilling changes set to elevate the gym experience. These modifications, scheduled for implementation during the Spring Break week (Mar. 10-16), aim to provide a safer, more accessible, and enjoyable environment for all members.

Easton Ralphs, the BDAC Manager, expressed the intention behind these changes, stating, “We wanted to make it more streamlined and easier to track how much the BDAC is being used. We also wanted to give more access and by doing this we can be open more hours and even on weekends.”

Enhancements to Expect:

24/7 Surveillance: The installation of new surveillance cameras throughout the BDAC promises heightened security and safety. These cameras will enable continuous monitoring of the facilities, ensuring a secure environment for all members. The extended surveillance will facilitate the extension of operating hours, with the BDAC now open from 4:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., seven days a week.

Enhanced Access through USU ID Cards: Beginning with the implementation period, access to the gym will require a valid USU ID card. Each part-time student, faculty, or staff member must request access through an online form. Upon submission, BDAC personnel will swiftly process the requests to grant access. During the transition phase, a front desk worker will assist individuals who have not yet completed the access request process. However, after this period, access will strictly be granted to those with valid ID cards.

Alarm Update: Alarms have been installed on entry and exit doors to prevent unauthorized entry or propping open of doors. It is crucial for members to adhere to this policy to maintain the integrity of the security measures in place.

Early Morning/Late Evening Access: Outside doors will be locked between the hours of 4:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Access during these times will require the use of the USU ID card. Each card usage will be logged into the system for monitoring purposes. It is emphasized that members should not share their ID cards with others, as violators will face consequences including removal of gym access and reporting to USU authorities.

Smooth Transition Process:

To facilitate a seamless transition, a week-long grace period is provided for members to sign up through the new system while still enjoying access to the gym. Upon completion of the application, ID cards will be activated within 72 hours. Members are urged to promptly complete the application process to avoid disruptions in access.

Embracing Change for a Better Future:

While change may pose initial challenges, the BDAC management assures the community that these modifications are aimed at enhancing the overall gym experience. The team remains committed to addressing any questions or concerns during this transition period.

In conclusion, the BDAC management extends gratitude to the USU Eastern community for their loyalty and support. These changes signify a dedication to continual improvement and a pledge to serve members better.

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