August 14, 2020


Students, faculty and staff run the “extra mile” to support higher education

More than 200 students from eight of Utah public colleges and universities rallied last Friday at the Utah State Capitol Building to push for a wage hike for professors and staff.
Friday’s gathering was the culmination of a weeklong relay by teams of student runners representing Utah colleges and universities – beginning at both the Idaho and Arizona state lines – jogging across the state to demonstrate their concern about stagnant wages at the Utah colleges and universities.

Spring report shows enrollment down

A statistical comparison of spring semester enrollments, 2000-04, was released by CEU’s Office of Institutional Research.
Despite hopes for enrollment stabilization, the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) report of third week enrollment showed a decline in full-time enrollments (FTE) and total headcount for both the Price and San Juan campuses.
Traditionally, FTE numbers have held a significant emphasis in the college’s focus. However, the overall headcount, which includes non-traditional students, reveal the dramatic decrease in enrollments.

Non-traditional students have a place they can call their own on campus

College dignitaries, faculty, staff and a crowd of students (non-traditional and traditional) celebrated the opening of the Non-Traditional Student Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house on Jan. 28.
CEU First Lady Ann Thomas, Academic Vice President Cliff Coppersmith, Academic Advisors Darlene Severeid and Shanny Wilson, Non-Traditional Chair Romer Ferrer, Non-Traditional Club President and Vice President Jan Malone and Nancy Simpson, respectively, ASCEU Advisor Bill Osborn and Dean of Continuing Education Jim Huffaker were among those in attendance.

2004 Graduation list

Maxwell Acheampong
Kenneth Bills
Sarah Coomer
Aloha Lei Flores
Kassandra Gurule
Kamille Heaton
Connor Lee Houghton
Kirt Larry Jensen
Tomomi Funahashi
Melanie Kirkham
Terence Keene Larson
Eduvijes Lopez
Spencer Loveless
Haruyo Matsuyama
Michael Weston
Everett Miller
Robert Eugene Morris
Daniel Garth Nelson
Mariela Oman
Hernando Issael Perez
Joseph Aaron Smith
Betsy Jean Snider
Holly Sorensen
Alma Todd Sweeny
Atsuko Suzuki
Mio Tatebe
Cheyenne Adams
Michelle Lynn Barnett
Tasha Behling
Jan Bradford
Amber Ann Brighton
Rickey Glen Campbell
Jeffrey Christensen

Local representatives planning for the area’s future growth

The Long Term Planning Committee (LTPC) held its monthly meeting on January 6, to discuss ways in which current community and college challenges can be met while assisting future growth.
The LTPC is comprised of representatives from the county commission, Price City, College of Eastern Utah, local business sector and public schools.
LTPC representatives hope that cooperation will maximize available resources and increase local support for developing economic, educational and recreational opportunities for the county citizens and college students.

Local art student sets site on attending Southern Oregon University

Paul Michael Nieminen followed a girl to Price from Lansing, Mich. He came here after the girl told him that their love would last forever. Much to his surprise, a short time later, they parted ways and he focused his time on his first true love … painting. He now paints with the passion that he was wasting on that girl.
He acquired his talents from his mother who taught art classes in her basement when Nieminen was a small boy. His favorite medium is pencil; he feels that he has mastered the technique of drawing so he can let his audience better feel the emotion behind his art.