August 14, 2020


Trusted computing: the worst idea in the world … , ever!

A consortium of big-name technology companies have banded together in an effort to improve information security. The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has stated that its goals are preventing against software attack, ending identity theft and protecting computer owners from physical theft.
While this new technology promises big things to consumers and companies both, it also lends itself to abuse by the very institutions meant to protect users. Depending on who you are, and how you use the computer, Trusted Computing (TC) will be more of a burden than a boon.

If fur is murder, then surely artistic license is … also very wrong

Remember the comics we read as children? Do you recall how the superhero would catch the villain and always save the day? Did you read the one where your mommy kills animals? Probably not.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has published and distributed such a comic. Children across the country who were escorted by parents in fur, received a pamphlet entitled “Your Mommy Kills Animals!”

Become a card-carrying Grinch

The holidays have been a time to reflect on what makes us good, to think upon those things that enable our society, and to do things that are genuinely charitable. When we have the opportunity to actually do those things, we can make the world a little better. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

When enrollment drops, national surveys tell administrators to listen to the people you are accommodating – your customers – your students

It’s no secret that the College of Eastern Utah needs more students plus needs to retain its students each semester. It’s also not a secret that fall 2003 semester’s third week full time equivalent (FTE) enrollment was down 180 students from fall 2002 (a drop of 9.2 percent). It was one of three schools that saw enrollment decreases; Snow lost 109 students (4.1 percent) and Utah Valley State College lost 17 students (one percent). Six of the remaining Utah colleges saw enrollment growth.