May 29, 2024

“Cash on Delivery” opens fall theatre season in the Geary

This archived article was written by: Sabrina Anderton

College of Eastern Utah’s first play of the year is “Cash on Delivery” by Michael Cooney, a fast-paced British farce (a very broad exaggerated comedy). ” I wanted to something lighter” said director Dr. Corey Ewan. He said his last few plays have been on the heavier side. This year he wants to show “the kinder, gentler Corey Ewan”.
The play begins when Eric Swan, an unemployed landlord finds himself in serious risk of being discovered of bilked the Department of Social Security out of thousands of dollars. As he attempts to remedy the fraud by killing off his imaginary tenants and cancelling all benefits, complications arise when the DSS insists on sending more money and an inspector, at which point Eric is forced to involve his uncle and real upstairs tenant to avoid discovery and arrest.
This is just the beginning of this zany farce with cross-dressing, out of control washing machines, and lighting.
The sophomore cast consists Tim Tuke, from Davis, playing Eric Swan; Tom Odell, from Bonniville, playing Norman Mcdonald, he was also in “Star Spangled Girl” among others; Angela Kay Roundy, from Carbon, plays Sally Chessington, she was in last years The Crucible” among others. The last sophomore is Nicholas Dunn, from Carbon, playing Doctor Chapman, he was also in “The Crucible.” Samuel Bailey, a graduate of CEU and a lawyer from Price will also be in the play as Mr. Jenkins.
The cast are freshman. Sherrie Gillies, from Davis, playing Linda Swan. Phil Smith, from Cypress, playing Uncle George. Diana Halford, from Davis, playing Ms. Cowper. Jessica Jackson, from Woodscross, playing Miss Dixon.
“The play is a great choice. It’s a ton of laughs and the cast is gonna be great. The wheels in Corey’s head are turning, and the result will be a riot” says Nick Dunn. The play should last from an hour and a half to two hours and if rated would be PG. It should keep you laughing from beginning to end. “This is a fun exciting play and I hope the audience enjoys it,” says Angela Kay Roundy. You don’t need to know anything about the play. The only thing Dr. Ewan says is “come and have a good time”. The play will open September 18-23, with no performances on Sunday. “Come out and see the new people” says Roundy.
The upcoming shows are “Cactus Flower” a Romantic comedy directed by Corey Ewan. Next, Todd Olsen will direct “Measure for Measure”. Finally Grady McEvoy will direct the last show, “Somethings Afoot”.