June 17, 2024

Does it get much more extreme than this?


This archived article was written by: Mik Ashby

Have you ever felt like there was a force inside of you, pushing you to do things that seemed illogical, insane, and against all that you thought you can do? That somewhere deep inside you there was a voice telling you that you really can do anything? Gravity could not hold you down, and that the speed barriers of the past could not stop you? Most of all, that the only way you were going to fully experience your life was if you pursued your death?
If you have ever felt this, or even heard it, you are not alone. Charles Lindbergh most assuredly felt it, jumped in a plane a flew across an ocean, alone. Lance Armstrong must have heard it at his doctors office, while the doctor was explaining the shortness of his life expectancy, the voice was probably telling him how he was going to cheat death.
Neil Armstrong understood what it was asking from him, and ventured into space, with no promise of return, and only the hope of eternal fame.
Now this force doesn’t just reside in famous people, actually it mostly engulfs the attitudes and actions of an opposite group. Some call this group freaks, psychos, or weird people, but all they really are, are people seeking extreme adventure.
Through this group, there have been invented countless extreme sports; from mountain biking to wake-boarding, and hundreds of other sports, like kayaking, rock climbing, snow-boarding, skydiving, and if you have the right friends, even frolfing is extreme.
Many wonder why some would do something so stupid. But something about the rush of looking straight down and realizing that you are free falling wearing only a backpack, satisfies the most extreme adventurers, and shooting down the snow-covered mountain, with only a sheet of fiberglass under you, seems like the most appealing thing in the world.
Most people who do extreme sports aren’t suicidal maniacs looking for the quickest way to die, but are just average people, looking for a little fun. Actually the only thing that makes most of these things extreme is the attitude of the participants. Most of these sports can be done without being considered too extreme, and moreover all people can do these sports. Although not all people can jump out of planes, or go skiing, there really is an extreme sport for everyone.
Jim Huffaker, director of continuing education, attributes most of the colleg’s appeal to the recreation programs that are only available here, with over 40 recreation classes available, he might be right. He states that this is a major reason why students would pass four other educational institutions to attend CEU.