August 10, 2020

Day: September 11, 2003

Tennis players are geared up for a new season

For many students the anticipation of beginning the upcoming school year is caused by a variety of different reasons. For Jennifer Jarrett, the reason was tennis. “Every time I thought about coming back to Price to play with the CEU tennis team again, I got really excited.

Eagles name Emilee Madsen as captain

As the CEU volleyball players sat in their locker room the night before their first game (the alumni game) listening to Coach Brent Martindale, an announcement was made: “This year’s team captain will be … Emilee Madsen.”
He continued on listing the expectations and duties she, as the captain, will be performing throughout the season.

Photographic exhibit features Nine-Mile Canyon

A photographic exhibit of Nine-Mile Canyon opens Friday at 7 p.m. in the CEU Prehistoric Museum. The exhibit features photography by Diane Orr and a video by storyteller Larry Cesspooch.
The history of the canyon started over 4,000 years ago when a group of hunters and gatherers now known as the Fremont Indians inhabited a nearby canyon. They eventually disappeared, whether they were killed off or simply absorbed into other native cultures, no one knows for sure. But they left a legacy in their wall art in what is now known as Nine-Mile Canyon.