June 14, 2024

SUN Center’s “Get A Life” campaign plans Price stop

This archived article was written by: Jennifer Jarrett

With the excitement of a new school year beginning, SSUN (Students Serving Utah Network) representatives from throughout the state have decided it is time for students to take charge.
SSUN is a statewide organization that brings together one representative from every higher education institution in Utah. Their focus is on promoting service and service learning at schools all across Utah.
This year the SSUN representatives from each university will kickoff the “Get A Life” campaign on September 12th with a statewide 7/11 Marathon Fun Bus Tour. One SSUN representative from each college/university will ride in vans to every campus in the state to promote service learning. They will begin their journey at 7 a.m. at Utah State University in Logan and end at Dixie College in St. George, stopping and having a rally at every college and university campus across the state.
The purpose of the “Get A Life” campaign is not only to promote service learning, but it is also to promote civic engagement. This year’s statewide project for all is “students serving students,” with the focus of higher education students serving and working with K-12 students. Amy Callor, CEU’s SUN Center president explained it as, a way to “bridge the gap between K-12 and higher education students.”
CEU will be welcoming the statewide students on Friday, September 12 at 3:30 p.m. They will be here for only 20 minutes but the SUN Center is in the process of planning a welcoming ceremony for them. In addition to asking President Thomas to say a few words, SUN Center volunteers plan to give a short tour of the campus and perform a small service project.
As representatives of the college administrators, Ambassadors, SUN Center leaders, ASCEU, and most importantly you can join in welcoming them to CEU and participating in the rally.