June 18, 2024

Drug and alcohol arrests are significantly decreased at CEU

This archived article was written by: Melissa Spencer

College life is for many a new and exciting experience. Without parents around to dictate curfew or study time, many freshman find themselves studying less than they should. What goes on in these hours when academics are neglected and students explore their new found freedom?
Many students find that their social life revolves around the party scene at their school. In a recent Princeton Review survey University of Colorado is the country’s number-one party school. They are also high on the top ten list for wide spread marijuana, hard liquor and beer. On the other end of the spectrum Brigham Young University was top on the “stone cold sober” list as well as being voted most religious students.
Here at CEU, according to police chief James Prettyman there isn’t a big problem with partying. He said, “Many of our students travel to the Salt Lake area if they want to find a big party, but we don’t have many problems with it here.”
According to CEU’s crime and safety report there are an average of 18 alcohol-related arrests on campus each year. Five arrests are made due to drug abuse each year, with a significant decrease in the last three years.
If you do plan to drink Prettyman would advise that you, “use common sense.” College student are going to go drink and they’re going to party and they’re going to have a good time, but don’t get yourself involved in that kind of activity unless you’re ready to handle the repercussions. Casual drinking with friends is a whole separate thing from binge drinking, that’s when it gets really dangerous. That’s when theft rate goes up, assault rate goes up, and especially sexual assault.
Some other things CEU Campus Police suggest you do to stay safe on campus include:
-Draw shades at night.
-Keep doors and windows locked at all times.
-Keep money and valuables locked in a safe place.
-Leave the light on while you’re away so your room will look occupied and you won’t return to a dark room.
-Avoid leaving a note that says you are not in.
-Report broken locks, doors, windows and lights to maintenance and make sure they are properly repaired.
-Don’t hide a spare key outside your door.
-Never prop doors open.