May 29, 2024

Lessons from the past:

This archived article was written by: Jeff Spears and Erik Falor

A person should express himself or herself through written words to convey to the reader their feelings and ambitions. I have always stated my personal assumptions and assertions as a writer and will continue my effort to make changes at the College of Eastern Utah.
I have expressed concern about the Bush administration and pointed out that we need to have a balance of political views. I believe in these issues, yet sometimes write my feelings for the public to read. I do not do this in an attempt to retain certain readers, but to express my personal knowledge as a college student.
This week I had the opportunity to talk with the alumni from past years at this college. I felt a close relationship with the former students who attended the College of Eastern Utah from the 1937 to the present. From this experience I will take with me a lifelong appreciation of this college. My hope is that all of us may realize the importance of this fine establishment.
I listened to the wisdom and counsel of past CEU students that related to my life. I heard stories of romance starting at this college that transcended the boundaries of Price. I heard about the first meetings between couples and realized that this all was possible due to CEU. Students not only needed this college for higher education, but to build their entire social life revolving around activities and programs. This college brought families together and started new lives for multiple students. I can relate to such stories in finding my own wife at this college. I can hardly wait until our reunions where we can socialize and express our accomplishments far beyond CEU. I have to admit that without the College of Eastern Utah I would have never met the love of my life, my best friend.
I have also found my way of life through this college. I had the honor of being a member of the last official CEU debate squad. This, ever since I was in ninth grade, has been my life. I still teach, but will always have a place in my heart for arguing. I have also developed role models through college forensics.
Neil Warren will always have my respect and appreciation for his contributions to the college. When I met him Saturday, I felt like I was talking to a man who defined excellence and became a figure in the history of this college. I have to admit that I was nervous even replying to his polite questions.
The point is that alumni have always made a difference for this college. We just need to take a second and realize the actual contributions they have left behind as students and mentors. The former students I talked to all expressed a passion for this college and a deep love for this institution.
This is now our responsibility. We not only have the moral duty to try and establish our own marks on this college, but to attempt to continue the traditions of our predecessors. We can either embark on this mission with integrity and honor, or we can allow ourselves to be another number within the masses. We live in a college where we can know everyone, whether we take that opportunity is up to us. This is the time to stand tall and make the transition from college students to adults. The College of Eastern Utah will be the launch pad for many students and permit us to be remembered by future alumni.