July 20, 2024

While busy managing his store, Ed Howa always finds time to bowl


This archived article was written by: Keenan Ryan

With an average bowling score of 222 last year, bowling coach and teacher Ed Howa shows that running his own business won’t effect his game.
Ed Howa is a native of Price and plans on retiring here. He began bowling as a small child and has developed a love for the sport over the years. After graduating from Carbon high school he decided that it was time to take his bowling skills to the next level. “I had a friend who was watching me bowl and he wanted to help me improve so he suggested that we get a ball fitted to my hand. I went from a 155 average game to a 195 average in a matter of months,” Howa explained.
Bowling four days a week on city league teams and competing in local competitions, Howa made a move to California in pursuit of a professional bowling career. He has bowled 3 perfect games and was the first in Price to ever have a combined score of 800. “I found out very quickly that it’s hard to be a professional while trying to work. I didn’t have a sponsor so I had a hard time doing what I wanted to do. I still made a name for myself in my time there.”
He was a member of the PBA (Professional Bowling Association) for four years. In order to be a member of the PBA, you need at least an average bowling score of 190 or higher.
While living in California Howa started working in a tile store and worked his way up through the management. Howa returned to Price seven years ago and after making a lot of money for other companies he knew it was time to start making money for himself. “I decided to open my own store because I could make sure that everything was done the right way. I’m very passionate about what I do so it was a good move for me,” Howa said.
About four years ago there was an opening for a new bowling teacher or coach as the students call him. “I thought that it would be fun to teach students how to bowl because in many ways bowling is a lot like golf. At first you think it’s all about hitting the ball but the more you practice and improve your skills, the more the sport becomes structured and fundamental. Bowling is a complex game and once you understand the fundamentals of the game the more you will improve your skills.”
“After four years of being the bowling teacher I love when students come up to me with questions. With my average class size of 35 students most of them come to bowl and are comfortable with their skills. Others try new things and techniques. It’s a lot of fun,” Howa stated.
Howa is a member of the Price Kawanas. The Price Kawanas is an organization that helps children. The organization supplies children with things such as eye glasses and car seats. The Price Kawanas also helps the city with funds towards playgrounds for schools and parks.
“Because much of my time is spent at my Southeast Paint store, I really don’t have a lot of time to enjoy my other hobbies. The store allows me to give back to the community. I help out as much as I can with school activities such as the drama program at CEU. I was involved in theatre in high school so I try to donate what I can to help the school build sets and whatever else they might need,” Howa said.
Howa enjoys living in Price, Utah and plans on retiring here. “The people here are always willing to help each other and I think that is important. Being in business, it is nice to be able to help the people that I know and care about.”