July 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor

I want to comment on the appalling behavior exhibited by the dance department chair at the production of The Grinch on Monday, Dec. 1.
Apparently someone took a picture during the first scene. At the end of the first scene, a woman came on stage, rudely yelled at the audience and demanded the person taking a photo to bring the camera to her. She refused to continue with the production until the person came forward with the camera.
She screamed that the picture greatly offended Mrs. Gwyther. She continued screaming at the audience in a crude and unprofessional voice. She should have offended Mrs. Gwyther, not the picture. The picture, which was taken by an older gentleman in the audience, wasn’t even distracting. I was sitting in front of him and never saw a flash or a light. When she came out I felt like nobody even knew why she was yelling. She was the only one making a big deal.
I know everyone felt badly for the fellow who took the picture. It would be embarrassing to be the one to have to stand up and have the whole audience watching you. We later found out that it was one of the dancer’s father. After this inappropriate display everyone in the audience was embarrassed, and by this woman’s behavior, I think the CEU dance department should be as well. It made them appear to be unprofessional.
We saw no signs posted and nothing in the program about no cameras. This situation could have been handled in a professional manner and never should have been blown out of control in the public setting. The school should be embarrassed over this behavior.

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