May 20, 2024

Setting goals for yourself and keeping everything in perspective

This archived article was written by: Austin Palmer

So you have decided to go to college but aren’t sure what you want to do for the rest of your life. That makes choosing classes and setting definite goals much harder. At CEU it is very common to find students who have no real purpose. This being the case it is much more difficult to stay focused and remain motivated. If you don’t know where you are going, you will eventually look back on your life and regret the years that were wasted.
This does not mean that all is lost if you haven’t decided upon a major, it just means that you should experiment with different fields until you find something that fits your personality. Don’t wait too long though, two years at a small community college will fly by and the sooner you make a decision, the more motivated and determined you will become. This being the case, your grades will remain high and the possibilities of being accepted at a university of your choice and receiving a scholarship increases.
Unfortunately many of those who attend college do so only because it is expected of them by their families. Once again, if you happen to be living someone else’s dream, you will soon find yourself depressed and unmotivated. It is not bad to want to please others but it does become a problem when we compromise our own ambitions and happiness. If you rely on others for motivation maybe you should rethink your present course of action and look at other possibilities. It is true that having a college degree will be an incredibly beneficial asset but it isn’t worth putting yourself through hell. If you feel that college may not be for you, maybe you’re right.
At some time or another we all have classes we don’t like and a student who normally gets only the best grades might find themselves performing poorly. To those accustomed to academic success this can cause severe anxiety. This isn’t any reason to quit. Everything we do in life has to be put in perspective. If you fail a test, worry enough so that it produces a positive change. Don’t rake yourself through the coals over something that honestly doesn’t matter all that much. So you didn’t do as good as you had hoped. Who gives a damn! Pick yourself up and give it your best shot. It is true that we all learn in different ways. If you aren’t motivated to go to a class whose subject you normally enjoy and begin to fall behind, maybe it’s time to find a different instructor.
We all need to do things for ourselves. As you begin to focus more on what makes you happy and not on what makes those around you happy life will continue to get better. Learn to say no even if it may hurt someone’s feelings. Don’t become a martyr in another person’s cause. Don’t fall into the trap of pursuing a particular career just because it promises huge amounts of money. Take time to evaluate the motives behind your actions. Set goals and don’t let anything stand in your way.