June 21, 2024

Three named to ASCEU positions

ASCEU filled three leadership positions for spring semester in November 2003. Randy Oveson was appointed as publicity chair, Blaney Hanvey as multicultural chair, and Keenan Ryan as recreation chair.
Each of the chairs serves an important purpose but all share the same goal of getting the students involved in activities and most of all have an amazing experience at CEU.
The Publicity chair is responsible for making sure the students know about the activities that are going on throughout the campus. This is possibly the most important job that one could have. It is hard to be involved when one doesn’t know about the activities. “I think it will be fun. I like going to the activities so it should be fun see others enjoy them too,” Oveson said.
Recreation chair is responsible for planning activities for the students on and off campus. The activities include ski trips, hikes through Nine-mile Canyon, or even activities like Wild Wild West week. “The main reason that I wanted to join ASCEU is because I want all the students to have as much fun as I have had during my time at CEU,” Keenan explained.
Multi-cultural chair works with the multi cultural students on campus. This position is responsible for planning activities for these students and helping them get involved with other campus activities. “It will be so fun working with the multicultural students. I’m excited to be involved in the activities that I enjoyed. I want to see more of the students involved,” Hanvey stated.
The students are excited to be working with ASCEU and plan to make the 2004 spring semester one to be remembered.