April 12, 2024

Bush delivers false hopes & assumptions

This archived article was written by: Jeff Spears

The State of the Union address proved to many households that the president was embellishing facts and advocating programs that would cause more financial strain on our economy. The Democratic Party repeatedly criticized the address with presidential candidate Howard Dean stating, “Hardworking Americans will see through this president’s effort to wrap his radical agenda with a compassionate ribbon.” The nation and CEU must realize that the president’s domestic policy is nonexistent and contributes to the majority of our economic woes. His foreign policy resembles that of his father and reinforces the notion that he may be out of steam heading into the next presidential election. The address was a desperate attempt to set the stage for his campaign and mislead the average American.
The most crucial aspect of Bush’s State of the Union Address would be the claim of an increase in overall domestic policy. These facts seem to be accepted by the masses of the United States, but democrats are critical of the president’s utilization of time and effort. Democrats are quick to point out that our deficits are reaching $500 billion and a loss of 2.3 million jobs since Bush took office. Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts states “Bush still doesn’t understand what’s happening in the living rooms across this country.” Kerry said Bush “talked about how he wants to help people find jobs, but for three years he stood by while we lost more jobs at anytime since the Great Depression.” The time and monetary value spent on the war in Iraq drained the available assets of the U.S. to mold an effective domestic policy. This was the exact opposite of the Clinton administration, which relied heavily on domestic dominance and surplus budget.
The programs proposed in the address rely on a grant to NASA to help provide a human mission to Mars. Sen. Minority Leader Tom Daschle told reporters “the president is talking about going to the moon and Mars … We feel there are needs at home. Daschle concluded that the number of Americans without health care has risen 10 percent, to 43.6 million, during the Bush’ administration. The Americans with health care received increased premiums and little tax relief. “This is an invisible tax increase on middle-class families.”
Bush resembles his father in multiple ways and this could hinder his reelection. George Bush Sr., also fought the Iraq War during his first term. Each spent a considerable amount of time and money funding such an escapade. This seemed, in both instances, to place domestic affairs at the end of their agenda. They both neglected the people in the U.S. and endured open criticism from the public. The only difference is this new war with Iraq has reached its goal, capturing Saddam Hussein. The only problem now is Bush still fighting the war to hold onto an issue close to the election. However, there has never been a president who has won reelection based solely on a war.