June 17, 2024

Road Rally at three venues helps local organizations

This archived article was written by: Jennifer Jarrett

Students from CEU were able to help the community by participating with the SUN Center’s Road Rally last weekend. Students met on Saturday, ate breakfast and split into three groups. The groups traveled to the Helper Mission, the Carbon Food Bank and some stayed at CEU to cut out material for dolls to be sent to a orphanage in Peru. After rotating to the three different venues, they returned for lunch.
At the Helper Mission, students sorted clothes and prepared items to be sold at the mission’s store. Jessica Wilson, SUN Center mission leader, stayed at the mission to help the groups. She said, “I enjoyed being able to stay at the Helper Mission and seeing how much we accomplished. I also enjoyed getting to know the other volunteers, from the school and the mission.” At the local Food Bank, students prepared boxes of food to give to the families in need. “The Food Bank seems to always need help and always appreciates everything we do for them,” Rebecca Park said, “It was fun to go, be with friends and help them out.”
For the final rotation, students came to CEU and cut fabric to be sewn into dolls for orphans in Peru. The dolls are simple and basic, but the children absolutely love them. Daniel Wood said, “It was humbling to realize that the small amount of time we spent in cutting out fabric could lead to a child’s happiness thousands of miles away.”
Students stayed an hour at each location and provided three consecutive hours of service. “I enjoyed being able to visit three different charities to help out,” Romer Ferrer said, “the time went by fast and it was amazing to see the difference we could make. I enjoy serving others and it made me happy to serve. The Road Rally was well organized and an awesome opportunity for all who participated.”
“The Road Rally was a good experience to do service for others; it lets them know how much you care about them,” Becky Unsworth said. Christine Olsen concluded, “The Road Rally went well. I was impressed at how many volunteers showed up and how hard they worked. We accomplished a lot of work that needed to be done and still had fun.”