May 11, 2021

CEU crime rate low compared to other state colleges

This archived article was written by: Josh Luke

The crime rate at the College of Eastern Utah is low compared to other college campuses. Other schools like to say that their crime rate is low, but is not nearly as low as they like to think.
The reason for this is that a lot of times they tell the city police to handle a crime so it doesn’t go on their crime rate said ASCEU advisor Bill Osborn.
The CEU crime timelines looked at are for the Price, Moab, Emery, and San Juan Campuses from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2002.
The campuses in this time period reported no murder/non-negligent homicides. There were two forcible sex offences committed in this time period, both of which were in the residence halls on the Price campus. There were also two non-forcible sex offences reported on campus.
There were no reported robberies or attempts at arson in this three-year period. In the year 2000, burglaries seemed to be popular at a couple locations. There were four-reported burglaries at the Price campus and two at the San Juan campus.
In the aggravated-assault category, San Juan campus takes the prize. Not only did they have one charge, they had two; one in 2001 and again in 2002.
Motor-vehicle theft had two reported cases, both of which were on the Price campus in 2002.
Liquor and drug-abuse violations accounted for the most arrests at both Price and San Juan campuses.
In 2000 there were eleven arrests for liquor-law violations at the Price location along with four arrests for drug abuse also in 2000 there were two arrests for liquor law violations in San Juan.
In 2001 there were 16 arrests for liquor law violations and five arrests for drugabuse violations in Price; there was also an arrest for a liquor-law violation in San Juan.
In 2002 law enforcement arrested six people on Price campus: five for alcohol related and one for drugs and two people in San Juan for drug-related offences.
In the two previous years, police had made only two arrests off campus (that includes all five campuses). I n 2002, law enforcement officials arrested 22 people off campus: 19 in Price and three in San Juan for alcohol and drug-related offences.
The CEU crime rate has remained about the same the last four years. The only significant change has been in the number of arrests for alcohol and drug offences off campus.

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