June 24, 2024

Say What?

This archived article was written by: BJ Harmon & Les Bowen

Some of you may think all we do is look for dirt so we can pick on the college. That’s not entirely true, as no one is safe from our wrath.
Not only that, but we have commented on positive events before. We have discovered that the great things people do, while worthy of mention, are just not the type of material our readership enjoys. They want real, yellow, bordering-on-libel journalism.
That’s why we pick on as many departments on campus as we can. We know that due to a lack of funds, and maybe employees, the college has many reasons that certain things don’t get done. Which is why our first candidate for the “Dumb as a Box of Stupid Award” is of such note. Price City has no excuse for their problems.
We don’t drive trucks
Despite the fact that almost everyone in Carbon County owns at least one four-by-four vehicle, there are other vehicles on the road. We assume that you’ve all driven or at least ridden in a car on 300 East and 300 North, going south from the college.
If you pass the construction during the day, there is not a problem. Trucks, signs and construction workers warn you of impending dangers. The problem occurs at night when they finish working for the day. Even though BJ is an avid speeder, he always pays attention to road signs and safety markers. On one particular night he saw none, it was around 2 a.m. and he was going probably 45-50 mph (but as far as law enforcement is concerned, he was only going 25) and found the construction.
Oh, did he ever find the construction! They had dug up a 4-foot wide trench in the road during the day and filled it to about 6 inches from the top and left it for the night. BJ nailed it. His car came at least five inches off the ground.
Where are the signs that are supposed to warn you about such dangers in the road? There should be a lit sign telling you that there is some haggard canyon in the middle of the road that is going to swallow your car. We have talked to many people who have hit the bump and had the same experience. Congratulations Price City you’ve now made it into the column. Hopefully you will keep doing what you are doing so we can include you in our happy little paper.
That doesn’t go there
It’s one thing that there are still shoes in a tree outside the SAC. The first column we wrote (circa 2002) made reference to these same shoes. They are still there after two years. But those shoes have almost become a permanent fixture of the campus. Taking them would be like moving the fountain from in front of the library or turning the Golden Eagle statue around so that it hasn’t got its back to the sidewalk.
Lets talk about that steezed-out five-person bike that we see all over campus. Who owns it, and why does it just chill all over? Do we need more trash hanging around campus? Maybe it will get put away after someone gets hurt on it and sues the college.
Follow-up on snow removal
We were informed by an alert reader of an incident relating to our previous article on the poor snow and ice removal. Apparently one department is sending out student employees to scatter deicer on the sidewalks. In this particular incident, someone driving a snowplow came along in front of Burtenshaw and Tucker Halls to clear the snow within an hour of the student worker who had just spread the deicer. Along with the snow and ice, they scraped off the deicer, leaving a fresh path of slick ice behind.
So apparently, we were wrong. Someone is spreading deicer. The problem lies in the over-zealous worker who reportedly plows walks that are already clear or have deicer already spread on them.
This goes in stark contrast to the rumors that the college was going to have to lay people off over the cost of snow removal. Rather, someone has time to plow walks that have already been cleared. C’mon! We thought that someone was lazy. This is plain stupid, and the clear winner of our “Dumb as a Box of Stupid” award. If you are the guilty party clearing the walks, come to the newsroom. We’ll take your photo and put it on our wall.
The student worker who spread the deicer can come and get something out of our “fridge o’ surprises.”
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