April 15, 2024

Eagle editor finds campus involvement is what makes her life complete

This archived article was written by: Shawn Sackett

What makes a school or college come to life? Most would agree that it’s the students that shape and mold the atmosphere and spirit of the school. There are many whose efforts go unnoticed. I would like to recognize one of those unseen heroes.
Born in Wyoming, Gypsie Delgado moved to Tooele, Utah at a young age. Her mom and her older brother and sister raised her. She faced many challenges in her life and like the trooper that she is, overcame them to become the person she is today.
She loves to write, and discovered her passion when she was young. When she went into high school she immediately applied her journalism talent by joining the school newspaper staff. She received recognition for her talent when she was named the editor-in-chief of the paper her senior year. Because of her efforts on the paper and her extraordinary spirit she received a journalism scholarship to CEU.
While at CEU her accomplishments have continued to grow. She is the Public Relations Chair for ASCEU, president of the softball club, and she is the managing editor of the Eagle.
Among her many responsibilities on ASCEU, it is Delgado’s job to convey the concerns of the students to the ASCEU counsel, and to take pictures at all of the school activities and post them on the school website. As president of the softball club Delgado’s arranges games with other schools, schedules team meetings and team practices.
Newspaper adviser Dr. Susan Polster states, “Gypsie is the type of editor that everyone likes to be around. She’s knowledgeable, personable, and has her goals set on working in an aspect of the communications field. She keeps the staff organized and handles the pressure better than most.”
Not excluding all of these accomplishments, her personality has changed the spirit of the school and all who she comes into contact with. Everywhere she goes she is smiling from ear to ear and when you see her you just can’t help but smile back. Often her vibrant giggles can be heard across campus. Anytime someone looks down or sad she always stops to cheer them up.
“I have been friends with Gypsie for most of my life. I don’t laugh with anyone the way I laugh when I’m with Gypsie. She is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. People are at ease around her and that is a gift,” says her roommate Marcasa Ahlstrom
Delgado’s best friend Rebecca Coster says “Gypsie has been my best friend for nine years. There is something special about Gypsie that people catch on to. Gypsie is a wonderful person and friend. It is a blessing that she is in my life. I love you Gypsie!”
No matter what happens in her life she doesn’t let it destroy her spirit. She touches the lives of all she meets and the school is a better place because she’s here. B.J. Harmon says “Gypsie seems to be willing to do anything for anyone. There is no one sweeter on campus.”
Gypsie Delgado has left her legacy at CEU. We’re grateful that she decided to come to this school and share her wonderful spirit with us. Delgado’s attitude is one in a million, and perhaps we could all take a lesson from her and try to brighten someone else’s day. You never know what impact you will have on others. Thank you Gypsie for being who you are and best wishes in all that you do.