April 17, 2024

Athletics, Health & Wellness and Intramurals granted fee increases

The Health and Wellness Center, Athletics and Intramurals were granted the largest fee increases by ASCEU’s fee allocation committee. The committee spent January and February meeting with campus departments requesting fees and evaluated each department’s request for the 2004-2005 academic year.
The Health and Wellness Center’s fee went from $6 per year to $11 per year. The increase was to purchase new equipment and increase services to students. The committee hoped that the additional allocations should be used to lower the student’s fee of using the service.
Athletics received the next highest raise from the fee allocation committee. Their fees went from $25 to $27.50. The committee increased the athletic department’s fee due to “prior requests.” They also felt that in order to represent CEU in the best possible way, athletics need more funding.
Intramurals fees were increased from $4 to $6. The committee felt their funding was not sufficient to cover the needs of updating the equipment. The funding was to be used for jerseys, flags and indoor soccer goals.
ther departments receiving additional fees included student activities that went from $30 to $32.45, campus police from $1.50 to $2, the Eagle newspaper from $2.50 to $2.85, activity card from 80 cents to $1, and campus recreation from 80 cents to $1.
Departments who lost funding included funding to pay off Burtenshaw Dorm went from $28 to $25, a decrease of $3, Jennifer Leavitt Student Center operations were cut from $5.50 to $5 per student, the computer department fees were cut from $6 to $1.50, radio from 20 cents to zero,
The Burtenshaw Dorm fees are accessed each student who attends CEU. The student committee felt the $25 fee gave the bond $70,000 to help pay it off. They felt this was a sufficient amount. The JFSC’s cut came about because the original fee was dedicated to the remodeling and maintenance of that building. According to the committee, there were things done to the building that did not adhere to these parameters. An example was using the fee to fund interdepartmental expenses. The committee felt that the fees were not be used to benefit the students.
The computer department’s $4.50 fee cut was because the funds had not been used and were building up a surplus. The radio fee was dropped because the committee felt the Web cast radio was not needed at this time.
Fees, which did not change, include the alumni, BDAC, College Center and SUN Center.
The allocation committee included Alden Moon, Led Lloyd, Jonathan Young, Emily Prettyman, Romer Ferrer, Kenneth Bills, Blaney Hanvey, Andy Ingles and Eric Staley. The committee wrote that they hoped that all money spent has the potential to benefit every student attending CEU.