June 14, 2024

EmeryTelcom announces scholarship opportunity

Emery Telcom has partnered with the Bureau of Land Management, KUSA Radio and the Sun Advocate to offer an scholarship/internship program for Eastern Utah freshmen moving into their sophomore year. The Local Internship to Further Education (LIFE) scholarship is a joint effort between the College of Eastern Utah and local businesses.
Emery Telcom, the Bureau of Land Management, KUSA radio and the Sun Advocate are committed to providing the local youth and young adults, opportunities to further their education.
The LIFE partners believe education cannot and should not be confined to the classroom. Learning is a lifetime journey. Thus, the LIFE members decided to create the LIFE Scholarship/Internship program. LIFE is designed to supplement the post-secondary education offered at CEU by providing local internship opportunities. Few markets offer internships to junior college students. LIFE’s partners believe this will give the local students an edge as they look to the future.
According to Emery Telecom, it will award $1,000 in scholarship money and CEU will make up the difference to cover tuition for fall and winter semesters. It will be applied directly to the student’s second-year tuition, following the summer internship. Students cannot use the funds for any purpose other than tuition at CEU.
Benefits of the program include students receiving one-year’s tuition, gaining work experience in their major field of study, enhancing resumes, building contacts and eligibility for school credit hours (varies with internship).
Applicants must be current CEU students who intend to complete one more year of schooling at CEU (four students will be chosen to receive this scholarship/internship). Applicants must be Utah residents, have GPA greater than 3.2, serve a summer internship prior to starting second year at CEU and the internship must apply to student’s field of study.
The student must complete the following for the LIFE Scholarship/Internship award: a LIFE application form, a CEU scholarship application, a recommendation letter from faculty member in their field of study and an interview.
The LIFE application and recommendation letter are due at the Emery Telcom office located at 455 East Highway 29, Orangeville, UT. 84501 by April 9, 2004 or CEU’s scholarship office. If requested, interviews are in April. Internships begin May 10. If you have any questions contact Larry Salazar at (435) 748-3123.