April 17, 2024

Golden Rule Mission needs volunteers

This archived article was written by: Candice Buchmiller

In 1981, Helper became home to the Union Gospel Mission. The mission was established in hopes of creating a safe haven for local homeless individuals.
In 2000, the mission was transformed into what is now, the Golden Rule Mission. The mission provides a warm place to sleep and healthy meals to homeless men, women and children.
Financial support for the mission is primarily obtained through local businesses, churches, and concerned community members. Approximately 90 percent of the donations are received from individuals in the Price and Helper areas. All donations are completely tax deductible, and are approved by a group of volunteer board members. All proceeds directly benefit the mission facility and its residents.
The mission is invested in helping people to lead more positive lifestyles by providing the support required to achieve self-sufficiency and life satisfaction. Currently, the mission holds weekly Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to those in need. The mission also provides rehabilitation, traveler’s assistance and counseling services free of charge.
The faces of the homeless are rapidly changing. The mission is home to more families and children than ever before. On a national level, a staggering 39 percent of the homeless population is children. Research indicates that families, single mothers, and children comprise the largest group of people who are homeless in rural areas. The people seeking hot meals and a warm place to sleep at the mission are often victims of domestic violence.
Last year, the mission provided 6,000 nights lodging and 15,000 free meals to its residents. “If it were not for the mission, I would be living in a tent with nothing to eat,” commented a female mission resident.
The mission is the only operating homeless shelter between Salt Lake City and Grand Junction, Colorado. Donations are appreciated and help support the financial need associated with operating a successful shelter. The mission is in need of support so that it can continue its altruistic efforts.
The Golden Rule Mission is in need of volunteer and support from the community. If you are interested in making a difference in the life of an individual, please don’t hesitate to call. For more information contact Tyler Madrigal at (435) 472-2631.