May 15, 2022

Shad Romrell

This archived article was written by: Jennifer Jarrett

After returning from a two-year mission for his church, Shad Romrell was offered once again a scholarship to return to Price to play baseball for the Golden Eagles. He said, “It was awesome getting the opportunity for a second chance to play baseball after my mission.” He is the second of four children, with two sisters, September and Sari, only Romrell and his brother Dalton play baseball. From Montpellier, ID, he is the son of Byron and LaRae Romrell. In everything he does Romrell looks up to and admires his dad, “My dad has been the biggest inspiration to me in my life,” he said.
Romrell began playing baseball at 7 when his best friend’s dad was the coach. He was a natural pitcher and was put into the position and has played it all his life. As a freshman at Bear Lake High School, his coach tried him out in center field. He is currently playing both center field and pitcher for the CEU team. “Shad is a great kid,” Coach Scott Madsen commented on him, “He is a hard worker, a natural athlete and he can play field or pitch and does well at both. His greatest strength I would say is pitching, just because he has done so good for us. He started this season as a reliever and has done so well that he is now a starter. He is a smart kid and knows how to work the runners and the batters.”
One of Romrell’s favorite aspects about playing ball at CEU is being around his teammates and playing ball. “I enjoy the team Chemistry and the amount of character everyone has,” he stated. “Shad is a real personable kid,” Madsen said, “he can get along real well with anyone. He has really stepped up into a leader role on the team, his teammates all look up to him and the way he worked his way to a starting position. With all the arms we have, it’s a tough thing to do.”
The upcoming games Romrell is most excited for are, “The College of Southern Nevada,” he said, “because they are a good team, also Dixie, because we got in a brawl with them my first year.”
This year the CEU baseball team looks as though they have a promising season ahead of them. Romrell said, “I expect the team to do well this year. I expect us to get better and better as we learn to play together.”
Romrell is majoring in radiology and wants to attend either Weber State or Utah Valley State College and will definitely play baseball wherever he goes.

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