July 25, 2024

Blast from the past

This archived article was written by: Shawn Sackett

This information came from Carbon College/College of Eastern Utah newspapers throughout the history of the college. These newspapers are available on microfiche in CEU’s library.
April 1948 – Mahleres Ranch Scene of Barbecue
All upper division students journeyed to the Mahleres ranch to the “College Barbecue” Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock.
At 11 o’clock in the morning, a group of boys went out to start the fires and the barbecueing. Three lambs were barbecued.
The crowd arrived about 4:30 and immediately started playing games. Students were surprised to find Mr. Cross the best horseshoe pitcher in the crowd.
About 6 o’clock, the barbecue, served cafeteria style, began with connoisseurs, Vernon Merrill, Jane Mathis, and Claude Cowley carving the lambs.
At 8 o’clock the barbecue broke up, and the crowd then went to the 50 & 6, and the Rivera to end the evening dancing.
April 1953 – Fashion Review with “Nita”
A real classy lassie who always looks sharp is Josephine (Doty) Tomsick. She chooses her clothes wisely and always has a perfectly matching color scheme.
Did you notice the near green outfit Nedd McArthur was sporting this week?
His sweater matched well with the green pants and belt and made an eye-catching outfit.
Get a load of Neil Nelson with his white shoes.
He told us that he borrowed them from a girl with big feet. They did look kind of girlish, Neil! !
JoAnne Olsen looked fresh and cute this week in a new cotton garb. She had a two-toned brown outfit that was set off well by her golden hair.
A junior guy that’s always great is Kent Harrison. Not only is he a top dresser, but he’s a top all around kid. He’s one guy that it’s a pleasure to know.
April 1960 – Geology Club Plans Meeting
Carbon College Geology Club will hold a meeting Tuesday, third period, for all students interested in seeing the geologic features of the surrounding areas as members of a geology club.
The meeting agenda includes films on the creation of the Earth, election of officers, drafting of a charter, and planning of several field trips.
Donald Burge of the geology department is the club adviser.
April 1970 – CEU President States Resignation
College of Eastern Utah’s president, John W. Tucker, announced Monday, April 13, that he is resigning from his position effective July 1. This announcement was made to a special meeting of the faculty and staff members.
Dr. Tucker served as president of the college for eight years. Prior to this time, he served as dean of students at Dixie College, superintendent of schools in an Idaho School District, and as a professor at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.
He is considered to be a scholar in the field of philosophy.
April 1982 – Students Face 8% Hike
Resident students will pay eight percent more to attend Utah colleges and Universities this coming school year while non-residents will pay an average of 15 percent over current charges.
The State Board of Regents approved tuition increases during their regular monthly meeting.
The 8%t resident tuition increase was agreed upon by the 1982 Legislature in its budget for the coming school year. It was also requested by colleges’ and universities’ institutional councils.
In other actions by the Regents, Utah colleges and universities were told to stop charging part-time students more than their fair share of the tuition.
April 1993 – New Dorms
In order to accommodate and promote growth on campus, construction projects for new dormitories has begun.
The site for these new dorms is behind the Science Building. If you have been near the Science Building you know that the process is going on at a fast rate.
This is due to the goal of completion of the first of three new dormitories for fall quarter 1993.
Three new buildings will be erected and dedicated to on-campus housing. The money to pay for these dorms is coming from a loan and also from the portion student fees dedicated to the maintenance of the buildings Jay Andrus, dean of student life said. The cost of living in these new dorms will reflect the cost of the construction because the dorms must pay for themselves, he added.
Prices at CEU’s food service have stayed the same for two years, but in order to keep up with the rising cost for the Service Master, the housing will go up about three percent.