December 8, 2022

Contrary to the rumor mill, campus police are still here

This archived article was written by: Josh Luke

The rumor that the College of Eastern Utah has no campus police has been circulating throughout the campus for over a week and a half now. The truth of the matter is that campus police are still patrolling campus.
According to Brad King, vice president of Institutional Advancement and Auxiliaries, Campus Police Chief James Prettyman has been on a well-deserved vacation. He also said that the school doesn’t anticipate any changes in services from the campus police.
King also said that Phyl Johnson, former chief of campus police is still working during the day. He also said that Carl Gramlich and Jeff Wood, who are both post-certified officers, are still working during the night.
According to King, next year they are planning on hiring a new chief and revamping the campus police department. This may be a good thing for students that are majoring in criminal justice, because campus police may start providing internships for CEU students.
The question of whether there are any campus police still working on campus isn’t a question anymore. There is a campus police officer on campus at CEU most of the time. The biggest question of whether Prettyman will come back for sure is still unanswered.

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