October 5, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Okay Jeff, start walking

Dear Editor:
In response to Jeff Spear’s article about “Unfair Parking.” I just can’t let that one go. First off, CEU is a business. It is a non-profit business and the students are our customers.
But most of the clientele that go to Cosmetology for haircuts are older ladies and gentleman. The ladies come once a week to get their hair done. For most of them they look forward to that all week. Most of these ladies are in their 70s and 80s. Do you really want to see them walk across campus to get their hair done?
Come on, where’s your respect for the elderly? I think it is a lot easier for you, Jeff, to park even a couple of blocks away, than to have these sweet grandmas have to walk across campus. For many of them just getting out of the house is hard. Why should we make it harder? And if it wasn’t for this older clientele the cosmetology students wouldn’t have as many people to practice on. These people are on a fixed income so the college is the only place they can afford to come once a week and feel good about themselves. So, Jeff, and any other students who think it’s not fair that there are parking spaces for the cosmetology clientele, get off your lazy butts and walk a little farther and quit complaining about a parking space. Worry about something more important. Like will you have social security when you retire? Or the war in Iraq!
Kelli Curtis
Academic Records and Registration

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