July 21, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Students slammed again

Dear Editor,
As a three-year student and member of ASCEU, I am truly perplexed at the attitude some administration have taken to not support students on this campus.
Two recent cases in point: the student fee allocation committee voted to reduce the student’s share of the Burtenshaw bond fee from $28 to $25. Remember every student who pays fees at CEU, pays for the Burtenshaw bond fee. There are 17 suites with three rooms per suite. It also is the home of the director of residential life.
At the tuition and fees hearing, President Ryan Thomas told the attendees that students had to fund the $28 fee to maintain the 125 percent bond agreement. Then CEU’s board of trustees raised the fee another $3, thus making every CEU student pay $31 towards the Burtenshaw bond. Thus, every student pays $31 every semester to fund the home of the director of residential life and the 102 possible students who live in that dorm.
Second case in point: the non-traditional center was opened on January 28 in the CBB with vice president Cliff Coppersmith and First Lady, Ann Thomas cutting the ribbon. This facility came about with the assistance of numerous students, staff and faculty. The alumni board gave the non-traditional students $500 to purchase a microwave and refrigerator to be used in the center.
A little over two months later, Dean Mike King questioned the location of the center, saying that its location belongs to the arts and science department and will not guarantee that the non-traditional center can be located in the CBB. The students can use the facility for a year, but then must reapply to the space allocation committee to continue operating the center in that location.
If CEU is really here for the students, then why are they not listening and supporting us?
Romer Ferrer
Non-traditional chair