September 25, 2022

Sacramento-based rock band to perform at CEU April 15

This archived article was written by: Keenan Ryan

Paradigm is preparing for another show at CEU. They performed fall semester and last year, creating a huge fan base among the local community.
Sacramento-based Paradigm is set apart from other popular alternative-rock bands by their positive lyrics that dig deep below the surface. Their female lead, Shannon Curtis, also differentiates the band from the genre dominated by male-fronted bands. Drawing comparisons to Sarah McLachlan, Counting Crows, U2 and Coldplay, Paradigm is carving their niche in the alternative rock arena.
Paradigm’s melodic-alternative rock sound and live show have caught the attention of the music industry and attracted a substantial fan base since the band began their journey a few years ago. Guitarist Steve Stratton and vocalist Shannon Curtis started writing early in the year and were later joined by drummer/vocalist Tony Edwards, guitarist Keith Ogden and bassist Kyle Knowlton. Paradigm released their debut CD in 2002, “Standing in Line.”
Curtis’ gripping vocals immediately draw in listeners into the music. In contrast to the dark or angry voices often found in alternative rock music, Paradigm’s lyrics relate familiar yet thought-provoking stories that reflect hope amidst the melancholy and pain of real life. Paradigm weaves their carefully crafted melodic tales through a tapestry of layered guitars, effects, samples, driving drums and tight bass lines.
“Standing In Line,” Paradigm’s first full-length release, has received positive recognition from critics around the country. praises “Standing In Line” as a “13-track beauty of a CD. This band can compete with the likes of Michelle Branch, Sarah McLachlan and the Goo Goo Dolls, and kick their butts!” Says Michael Allison of, “If there is one thing that mainstream music needs more of, it’s female rock singers who can actually sing rock songs.
This is how a rock band is supposed to sound. The songs are passionate, professionally written, intelligent and heartfelt.” Sherry Sly of West Coast Performer Magazine adds, “You heard it here first, Paradigm is going to be huge.”
During the past three years, fans everywhere have connected with Paradigm’s music, generating a strong following for shows at venues such as San Francisco’s Paradise Lounge and even the Hard Rock Cafe. Paradigm’s current tour schedule includes stops at clubs and over 25 colleges all over the western United States, from San Diego to Seattle to Salt Lake City.
Paradigm’s music continues to spread as witnessed by a strong college radio campaign that has seen “Standing In Line” added to over 60 college radio playlists. Their music is also featured on the “Unknown Top 10” list at alternative
Paradigm will be in concert at CEU on Thursday, April 15 at 8 p.m. in the new ballroom located in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center. There is no charge for the performance. The doors are open for students, faculty and anyone looking for a positive show with outstanding music.

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