July 25, 2024

The cost of an education

This archived article was written by: Laura Strate

With the closure of the semester rapidly approaching, many students are deciding what higher education institution to attend. One of the most common concerns of prospective students is the cost of the schools.
Snow College is the cheapest college in Utah, closely followed by CEU. Located in Ephraim, Snow is in a rural setting and enrollment numbers are almost equal to CEU. The cost for tuition and fees is $1,670.
Anyone interested in the field of business may look towards LDS Business College. This school offers one and two-year programs and class sizes of 18 per class. Tuition is reasonably priced at $2,320 and only 1,275 students are attending.
With over 215 degree programs available and multi-campuses, Weber has the largest undergraduate offerings in Utah. Enrolment is 17,800 and cost is approximately $2,630 per semester.
The wide variety of outdoor opportunities lead many nature lovers to Southern Utah University. Making its home in Cedar City, SUU teaches 5,680 students and charges $2,794 per year. SUU is the only college in Utah that has all students receiving some form of financial aid.
Brigham Young University has the largest student enrollment, with numbers exceding 30,000.
The religious-based university has been nationally recognized for its level of academic challenge, supportive campus environment, and student/faculty relationships.
The average cost to attend BYU is $3,000.
Dixie State offers 70 percent of its students financial aid. Over 7,000 students reside in St. George to attend. Dixie charges $3,026.
The urban setting of Logan is a popular choice for engineering and music students.
Utah State has 96 percent of the 19,730 receiving financial aid. USU will run approximately $3,071 per year.
The University of Utah in Salt Lake City currently hosts 28,00 on-campus students. The school offers student/faculty ratios of 25:1 and is priced at $3,700 a year.
The only private and independent college in Utah is Westminister. Located in Salt Lake City, Westminister charges a hefty tuition and fees of $15,900, quadrupling the average cost of a Utah university. Only 1,915 student are enrolled.
The statistics were provided by the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority. For any additional information, visit UHEAA at www.uheaa.org.